A9 TV, 26 AUGUST 2012

(New president of France François Hollande will be including Armenian holocaust claims in school books as of September 4th. Thus, French youngsters will learn what is claimed to happened in 1915 as a “historical fact” he says, not as “a claim”.)

It was a state of war then. Some of our Armenian brothers died at that time and also a lot of Muslim Turkish people have been martyred. We know this from scientific documents through research. That era should stay as an era in the past. It would be wrong to make it today’s agenda and cause enmity and rage again. We forgive them, so they should close the matter as well. All these conflicts happened in Turkey. A horrible disaster took place then. Our Armenian brothers were provoked by fascists and terrible events occurred.  Wherever we dig in the southeast region, we stumble upon the bones of our children, the Muslim Turkish martyrs. The southeast is filled with our martyrs’ bones. There are bones of our martyrs everywhere. Those blessed bones were explained scientifically so many times. The degree of carnage has been shown. But they don’t seem to understand; they try to do things after their own heart; maybe they think “we can get some votes out of it”. Shame on them. Armenians are our brothers. We will unite with Armenia, with Azerbaijan, with Israel. We will establish a great Turkish-Islamic Union. We will also unite with Russia and bring about justice, beauty, righteousness and equality to the world. They forcefully try to make us enemies to Armenians and make Armenians enemies to us. These efforts are futile, they try in vain.


The Armenians are very dear to us. Let them come. Let Greeks and Armenians settle as they wish. In the same way we lived side by side in Ottoman times. We can live as friends and brothers in the same way. There is no hatred or enmity among us, insha’Allah. They are servants of Allah and we are servants of Allah, and we are brothers in this world. They are also religious believers in their own terms. Of course we will protect and watch over one another, but there has to be a climate of friendship and brotherhood. Mr. Davutoğlu [Turkish Foreign Minister] is a blessed and most excellent person. But he is also a manifestation of the way of the Mahdi. He is also a sign that the Mahdi has come, insha’Allah. He is giving very good service. May Allah preserve him and smooth his path and give him well-being.

We have no enmity toward anyone in the region. We want them all, Israel and Armenia included, to be at ease. We are not egoists, we have no national egoism. National egoism means fascism. And we are opposed to fascism and communism.

A9 TV, February 16 2011

Can evil be tolerated? Of course we cannot tolerate it. Of course we will condemn a murderer. But it is also wrong to regard people not involved in the murder as guilty. We embraced the Armenians in the time of the Ottoman Empire. Their name was The Loyal Nation. Look at the Ottoman archives and see. We had Armenian generals. They commanded our troops. There were Armenian doctors, engineers and artists. Armenians are very high quality people. When Darwinist, materialist philosophy appeared, communist and fascist thinking developed. And fascist Armenians encouraged bloodshed in order to support fascism in Turkey and Armenia. Because fascism cannot grow without bloodshed. Fascism needs blood. The more people are killed, the stronger fascism grows. The more bombings and attacks there are, the more the foundations are laid for fascist thinking. They therefore laid the way for fascism by martyring vast numbers of people. But Turkey rejected fascism. It did not flourish in Armenia, either. They tried very hard to develop it. Do you know what the objective was? For them to say, how many Turks have been martyred? Say, 100,000 people. So what do we need to do? We must annihilate a million of them. Or 10 million. Then when we lost 10 million, we would have to massacre 100 million of them. That is the philosophy of fascism. There is no peace, no amnesty, no brotherhood or love or anything. We must not fall into satan’s trap. Who are the guilty? Them. And you must take them off and punish them. But why punish Armenian children, young girls, mothers and old men who had nothing to do with it? It is the people who did it who are responsible. That is what the Qur’an says. The others are of no interest.

A9 TV, 25 February 2011

As you know, 19 years ago, on 25-26 February, 1992, Armenian fascists martyred 613 people, mainly women and children, in the Karabagh region of Azerbaijan. Why did they do that? So that fascist thinking would grow stronger, so people would become enemies and so that Azeris and Armenians would hate one another until the Day of Reckoning and so they would never love, watch over or protect one another. So they took precautionary measures to prevent Islamic Union and Turkish-Islamic Union 19 years ago. They foolishly imagined that it would be impossible for Azerbaijan to unite with Turkey. And that it would be impossible for it to unite with Iran. This is what they thought; if we can create a breach between them, it will be enormously difficult for Azerbaijan and Turkey to unite. It would be enormously difficult for Armenia to join the Turkish-Islamic Union. This was one of the most ruthless measures they adopted. The people who did it must all be sentenced to punishments appropriate to their crimes. The killers must all be identified and punished accordingly. But apart from that, we must not fall into the trap. It would be stupid to sit down and declare that Armenian children, women and old people and all those who had nothing to do with it are our enemies. That would mean falling for the traps set by communists and fascists. But we are going to foil those traps. We will do that by including both Azerbaijan and Armenia in the Turkish-Islamic Union.

2012-10-31 11:12:24

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