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A9 TV, 6 July 2012

Jean Maurice Ripert, Head of the European Delegation to Turkey, made a statement saying; "We will see Turkey in the European Union in a time frame which will not be too long. We want to see Turkey in the European Union; let us not be very pessimistic about this, there are some positive developments in general.")

The closer the European Union comes to the verge of collapse, the more they've started to make speeches saying; "We will accept Turkey, we will embrace them with compassion," etc. The European Union has collapsed. It is a wreck. And this one says; "We will take you in" about this wreckage. Well, in fact, it will be the Turkish Islamic Union that will be taking you in, it will be taking Europe in. To where are you taking Turkey? You are unable to stand on your own anyway. Look, Greece has slipped into a coma and now they are trying to resuscitate it. They are unable to breathe because they are sinking. First they should save themselves;  what are they saving Turkey from? Turkey is the richest, strongest, most vigorous state of the region. Spiritual wealth is the most important aspect she has.  There are very beautiful days in front of Turkey. But of course, there will also be very tough and tumultuous days. Some great events will come up, great events will happen in the whole region. But in the end we will be seeing the Great Mahdi. We will be seeing the owner of the time.  

A9 TV, 10 September 2011

We must also join the European Union. We need to act fast on joining the EU. But there is one key subject: Why does the EU not want Turkey? The state should conduct a poll among perhaps 400,000 people in France, in France alone. They should go street by street, asking people, “Why do you not want Turkey to join?” Then a report must be prepared. They can also videotape the process. They just go to Holland ask them, “Why do you not want the Turks to join?” They must also tell them to answer honestly, as nobody can overhear them. They should tell the participants to say whatever is in their minds, even if it is negative. There is no need to say, “Let us speak guardedly so as not to embarrass anyone.” Let them speak openly and state whatever it is that is subconsciously disturbing them. I believe they will be very honest. What are the things they disapprove of? One, two, three, four, five… If they are right, we must then put those matters right. Let us put right whatever is worrying them. Because that is a human and ethical requirement. If a person is put off by someone else, then if those things are legimate he must put them right. But if they say, “we are uneasy at your religious devotion,” then of course we will answer back and reject it. But if they say proper things then the response must also be proper. I mean, we cannot just stick our heads in the sand. Let us test the public and do our research. Let us start from Greece and go right as far as England. Let us ask everyone. What is it about Turkey and the Turks that make you uneasy and what do you have no problem with? That must be a scientific poll. Let us ask 2 or 3 million people. Even 4 million. At the end of the day a state official will work on it. Let them work on it for a year. Let us prepare a report from it, and the state can take steps on the basis of that report so we can eliminate those problems. We must make Turkish-Islamic Union and out entry into the EU simultaneous. Because Europeans are excellent people. I like them very much. The French, Germans, Romanians … Let us go and embrace the Serbe, the Romanians, the Bulgarians, and Holand, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Great Britain. These are fine people. Justified reactions may emerge things they have never told us. They may be uneasy for reasons we have never imagined. Why conceal this and cover it up? Perfection befits us very well. If there is a problem, let us eliminate it. We do not say we are free from all error. If we have a defect or make mistakes, let us rectify them. This scientific study really must be carried out. Let us tell the government in the form of a petition. Let us ask at least 4 million people. On the streets, everywhere. We can ask them in discos and in churches, in rich areas and the poorest ones. Let us ask everywhere. That is very important. We must obtain information from everywhere there are people, insha’Allah. Because I do not like dividing people into classes. There is no such thing as class, but we must obtain information in the different places where people live. Then it will be very good. Because people sometimes hesitate. Someone may have a reason, and becomes angry. For example, we can imagine someone saying, “the wars of the past come to mind.” We can resolve that. That is easy. They sometimes state things openly, but it is very important to get them to speak honestly. For instance, someone may dislike someone else but never say anything. Out of good manners. He knows it subconsciously, but never says. Let us learn the reason for their subconscious disquiet. Then we can resolve it right away, insha’Allah.


A9 TV, 12 August 2011

(About a report headed “Wearied by the European Union, Turkey has decided to establish an Ottoman Union.”)

The Ottoman Empire came and went at a certain time. There is no question of a new Ottoman Empire. But Islamic Union is something else, Turkish-Islamic Union is something else. It means Muslims being united. Every state will remain separate and independent and there will be no interference with their regimes. Everyone will be free in internal and external affairs. This is a bond of love and brotherhood. The ottoman political structure was rather different. It had a policy of conquest. It appeared to have political dominion, but it never assimilated people. It never touched their religions or languages. And there will be no interference under Turkish-Islamic Union. It will be based on love, brotherhood and friendship. On mutual aid. It is a bond of profound love. Imagine a great religious scholar. Think how scrupulous he will be toward his children and spouse and mother. This will be the same. Islamic Union, Turkish-Islamic Union, is like a father, deeply attached to his family, watching over and protecting his children. Can a person interfere with his children? They come and go as they wish, and study at school and he never interferes with them, but when the time comes he will protect them. That is Islamic Union, insha’Allah.

2012-10-31 12:07:04

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