A9 TV; 17 October 2011

According to the Qur’an, paradise and hell are ready and waiting now. Allah describes all the features of paradise in great detail. It exists at this moment as a dimension. We have hundreds of details. Almighty Allah refers to “Earth” because it is beyond space. There is no space in the Sight of Allah. No space and no time. The world will implode on the Day of Reckoning. And after that, people will be taken to paradise or hell. Paradise and hell are a separate dimension. They are another life, a resurrection after death. All the laws of physics no longer apply. All of Allah’s laws are changed. “I will create you with a new creation,” Allah says.

The important thing is the hereafter. This world is just an image. We cannot see the original of it, only an image.

2012-10-31 12:38:03

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