Secret beyond matter


A9 TV; 21 October 2011

It is Allah Who gives the eyes that color. Because matter on the outside is transparent, and there is just pitch black on the outside. Allah shows them as colored in our brains. Allah creates light in our brains and color in our brains. And creates the way we are affected by beauty.

A9 TV, 24 September 2011

It is also Allah Who causes coffee to percolate, and Who pours it into the cup. It is He Who sounds the buzzer (on the automatic coffee-maker). Allah creates all these lovely things in our brains. Everything. They are all in destiny. These lovely things spoke with me before they were even born. That was their destiny. Destiny is immutable. Where they will live and what they will be, may Allah grant them long lives, is all set out in destiny, as it is for all of us.

A9 TV; 29 September 2011

The true nature of matter is one of the most important proofs to be set out against materialism. Lenin was terrified when he heard about this and the truth dawned on him. “Don’t go into this with creationists, or you will sink out of sight. You will be unable to do anything. They will have you for breakfast,” he says. It is the subject that most alarmed Lenin. The truth about matter is what most alarms Marxists. The way matter is perceived in the brain. Because we see a boundless world in a space no bigger than a lentil. We live in that infinite world. That is something Marxism and Leninism can never account for. The soul. Who watches it, in full color? Who hears sound? Who feels sensations of touch? This is one of the most important subjects that hurts Leninism and Marxism and spells their collapse. One is the Big Bang, this is the second and the collapse of Darwinism is the third. They have turned to jelly in the face of these three. It emerged with the Big Bang that time had a beginning, that matter had a beginning. That was really hard for them. That was one blow to them. Second was the truth about matter, the soul. Because they cannot account for the soul. There is someone doing the seeing. People know about color. There is something called light. That light is perceived. Light forms within the brain. There is no color and light on the outside. That is something that cannot be explained scientifically. Because it is super-metaphysical. It cannot be explained. It is not a matter for laboratories. It is not something that can be investigated. Because one cannot enter the human brain. Hearing sound, for example. We hear sound far more clearly than even the highest quality music system. The image in our brains is far sharper and better quality than even the highest quality television or cinema. This image-perception machine consists of just two grams of flesh. Even the best quality image on television is still blurred. And two-dimensional. They have not yet made it three-dimensional. Even if they do, it will call for thousands of bits of equipment. Thousands of engineers are working on it, but they still have not managed it. And when they do, only the image appears. But who sees that image? That is a separate question. It is impossible to make the entity that sees the image. It is impossible to make the soul. There is also that which sees the image. Allah has created both the image and the seer. And the image is three-dimensional and so much better quality than even the best television or cinema. It is so high quality and three-dimensional that people cannot tell whether it is real or a fantasy. Who can now say that this image of mine on the television now is a fantasy? “How far away is the television?” you ask. “Two meters away.” But we watch the television in our heads. Most people are unaware of that fact. Some people only have a partial understanding of that important fact. While others grasp it in detail. And some pretend not to understand. That affects those who do understand well. It is a most glorious thing. Something very profound. People will begin to understand this secret after around 2012. It refers to the Day of Reckoning. They will see the truth about matter, insha’Allah.

A9 TV; 29 November 2011

One looks at discussion programs on the television and sees people arguing and falling out. They forget death at that very moment. They concentrate on conflict instead. They become excited and think the world is permanent. But the life of this world in fact goes by so fast! Our young people showed me their former lady friends. Some were my students. But they suddenly grew old and became aged grannies. It is amazing. Only yesterday they were just kids. Fresh and blooming. They grew so old! This world goes by so past! One has to be sensible. We must not fool ourselves. The inside of my brain is dark, pitch black. But the image is perfect. If anyone does not believe that let them say so. You really do appear to be just about a meter away from me. But you are actually in my brain. What artistry! What perfection! Not the slightest blurring. And in 3-D. Sound is also 3-D. And images. And what images they are! They are so convincing, but you are watching a TV screen Allah has put inside your heads. There is a very low voltage electric current in the brain. And the soul is there in front of that current, seeing it as images, apartment blocks, houses and airplanes. It sees the person getting on a plane or sitting a university exam or chatting with his friends! O Allah, what artistry! Such bright colors. And depth. Allah creates amazingly, sound is also 3-D. You speak, and the sound comes from far off. They speak, and it comes from far off. It is amazing. But who sees that electric current without eyes? We say, “We see with our eyes.” The eye is just a camera, and all eyes are blind. People do not know that. Every eye is blind. They serve no purpose. They are just machines that transmit images to the brain. Simple as that. That is all it does. The eye is blind. Both one’s eyes are blind. The eye transmits electricity to the brain, as a current. Then the eye has done its job. But there is an eye without eyes that sees that image. That is the person himself. The person who does the seeing. That is the entity I am describing, the soul. The spirit of Allah. People say, “I saw it with my own two eyes.” They swear they saw something. They swear by their own eyes. But you don’t see with your eyes. They have nothing to do with it. Your eye is a camera made of flesh. A camera could do that if you put one in your eye socket. The quality would not be as good, though. The eye is no more alive than a camera. The eye sees no more than a camera does. The camera does not see, it is blind. The eye is inanimate, and also does not see. It sends an electric current to the brain. A low voltage and low wattage current, but you see a 3-D universe. Someone may see, “I am seeing the vastness of space.” But you are seeing it in your brain. He looks at the Moon and says, “It is thousands of kilometers away.” No, it is not. He is seeing the Moon in his brain, not the Moon in space. They look through telescopes and say, “The images in space are however many light years away.” What light years? You are seeing an image in your brain, insha’Allah. OK, the object on the outside is far off, but it is transparent, or pitch black and lightless. That is how the universe outside is. But the one in our brains is lit up. But it is the person himself who sees the electric current, who sees without eyes and hears without ears and touches without hands.

He has no hand, yet his real hand is there. Our hands are not alive. In that sense, the hand serves no purpose. Just the nerves in its finger tips touch things. It is a machine. A device. It takes electricity and transmits it to the brain. That is all. But the finger tip itself feels nothing. It has no such property. If science advances enough it may be able to build such a device to take electricity and transmit it to the brain in the same way. The hand takes the image or sense perception and hands it to the soul, and the soul says, “I have touched it.” It touches that electric current.

It is the same with sound. All ears are deaf. No ear can hear. They are just two sound transmitting machines. Technically speaking, one could replicate that function of the ears. It would not be up to the same standard, but it could be acceptable. If engineers worked well and all the world’s best known tape and TV companies worked together… it would not be as small as the ear, of course, it would be bigger. They could make something of almost the same quality, even if not quite as good. Both ears are deaf. They cannot hear. The ear produces electricity. The ear obtains sound electricity, and the ear visual electricity. Both are electricians and both are inanimate entities. They transmit the electricity to the brain, to the sight center and place it before the soul. And the soul then sees that electric current as a bright, clear 3-D image, and sees it without eyes. It hears perfectly clearly without ears. So much for one needing ears to hear! The soul just takes the electrical current. In fact, the soul does not even need that. Allah uses it as a natural cause. I am describing it like this so you can understand. But the soul has no absolute need for electricity. What can the soul do with electric current? But the electric current comes and stops at the soul. Allah makes the electric current His instrument. The soul begins to see directly through Allah’s Creation. It begins hearing through Allah’s Creation. Let anyone who maintains the opposite write in to me. I am describing a scientific fact. It is a fact we are obliged to believe since we are Muslims. But do irreligious people also have to believe it? Of course, because it is a scientific fact. It is not a matter of choice. Believers and non-believers both have to believe it.

A9TV; September 17th, 2011

Whatever Almighty does, He does it for good. Watch it from the windows, do not enter inside.” says Bediuzzaman. “Watch it from the windows, do not enter inside.” This is a concise explanation related to imagination and illusion, the the real essence of matter. “Watch it from the windows.” These words of Bediuzzaman have two different meanings. They are very important.

 “… Abu Abdullah (Imam Jafar Sadiq) said: ‘”O Hisham, how many senses do you have?” He said: “Which one is smaller?” He answered: “The sense of seeing.’” Then what is the diameter of the sense of seeing?” He answered: “The size of a lentil or smaller than that.”

This is amazing, a great miracle. It is accurate that the center of consciousness in the brain is somewhere the size of a lentil, but in the medical sense that was unknown then. People then did not know where consciousness was, how could they know? Allah related it to our Prophet (saas) by way of revelation and this information was conveyed to Jafar Sadiq.

He said: “O Hisham! Look above and what is in front of you and explain to me what you see.” He answered: “I see the heavens, the earth, houses, palaces, lands, mountains and rivers.” He said: “Allah, Who is mighty to put all these beings that you see into a lentil or in something smaller than that, is able to put all the world into an egg, without downsizing the world or amplifying that egg.”

Such a perfect explanation; he concisely spoke of  the issues we have been relating. A perfect explanation. He explained the truth of the matter in a great way.

Hisham immediatly embraced Imam and tried to kiss his hands, head and feet. Then he said: “This is enough for me!”  (Usul Qafi, Al Qulayni, page 104-105)

Its wisdom, the power of understanding is a seperate matter. How nice was that time, masha’Allah. Alhamdullilah.

A9 TV; November 23rd, 2011

(Regarding the essence of  Matter)

When we will discuss the essence of matter in the year 2012, people will jump into the air and kneel down. They will grasp the unusual and metaphysical nature of the universe in which they live. But of course I will lay the groundwork first, and then speak of it. They will be left breathless when they learn this secret. Many people are unaware of Allah’s artistry. They are also unaware what they see. They look at the screen but they simply think that they are looking at it. The fact is however, that they are looking into their brains. We will teach this secret of Allah to those who are unaware of it. Those who know it will improve their knowledge, Insha’Allah.

A9 TV; October 29th, 2011

 (About Mr. Adnan Oktar’s explanations regarding the truth about matter)

What I tell you here is disclosed as a secret by the senior freemasons. Freemasons have been astonished at the fact that I had spoken of  it beforehand, that I had disclosed it. They said, “This was our secret; a secret of freemasonry, a secret that is revealed solely at the upper-degrees of freemasonry.” They said they tell this secret by making them feel it. At the 33rd degree. But they told me that I have revealed it to the whole world. I have also other secrets and I will, Insha’Allah, reveal them when the time comes.

For instance I am speaking right now and they say, “Our Master is speaking.” A human being can not speak. There is nothing like it. I have  uttered these words while Prophet Adam (as) was being created. Almighty Allah says, I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed satan: “But you will not will unless Allah wills.” (Surat al-Insan, 30) No man can ever speak by himself. Allah makes them all speak and nobody can ever say something other than what Allah wills for him.

When we write something, it is Allah Who writes it, but He makes our hand instrumental for it, and we simply assume that we write it ourselves. Even before we are born from our mothers, that text was being written. Every person puts a signature, or writes something in a notebook or in a computer. Every letter he types is predestined for him. They say, “Master, that guy has written against you.” That was written even before he was born because it is Allah Who grants that power to the dajjal. We definitely need the dajjal. The system of the Mahdi does not exist without the dajjal…For instance the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly, the negative and the positive. Allah definitely creates with its opposite.


A9 TV, 27 April 2011

(In response to a viewer who asks, “Will we be able to see the original of matter in paradise?”)

No. It will be impossible for us ever to know it as Allah knows it. May Allah forbid, for us to be able to do that, we would have to be Allah. That is impossible. We can never know the original of matter. Nor of time. We can only know what Allah shows us. We can only have faith in the original of matter on the outside. We cannot see or know it. We only have a scientific estimation. Scientifically, it should be dark and without color. And transparent. But we can never have direct experience of the original of it.

A9 TV, 18 April 2012

The universe is metaphysical. They have failed to understand matter. Lenin understood it. “Whatever you do, don’t start on that, you’ll make a rod for your own backs,” he said. “You will lose whatever you have gained,” he says. “Don’t start on the true nature of matter,” he says. All European thinkers have discussed the true nature of matter, but they did not really take it seriously. People pretended not to understand. But this is a great truth and phenomenon. Matter forms in the brain. There is matter on the outside, but the matter we have direct experience of forms in the brain, it is created by Allah. We have no direct experience, in that sense, of the matter on the outside. Because it is transparent, black. But what Allah shows us is different. There are two things; one is the matter on the outside, and one is the matter created in the brain. We can only directly experience that which is created in the brain. We can never experience the other. They pretend to ignore that

A9 TV, 13 March 2012

I did not know when I was at middle school, for instance, that a pencil is a sign leading to faith. I thought that people did this. Then I looked carefully, and realized that I see inside my brain. A power inside my brain shows this to me. We ask, where is the pencil? It is outside. We only believe that the pencil is outside. No one knows the true form of the pencil outside. We accept this as faith. We accept this as a command of the Qur’an and as Allah says “It exists.” Otherwise, no one knows its shape outside. We can only see the form inside our brain. This is a knowledge that belongs to us; there is no other knowledge except for this. It is zero.

Only Allah gives us the image. And in three-dimensional form. The fluid inside the eye is an viscuous fluid. It is in the form of jelly. It is jelly-like but full of blood vessels. Look at the clarity of this image. You cannot obtain such an image even with a lens. We call what we see inside the brain “life” and image. There is depth  in that image. There is depth in sound but when we hear with our ear, we know its location. It is three-dimensional. One certainly believes in Allah in a free and sincere mind.

Very few people know that the image is in the brain. The same with sound. And many people ignore it. The soul hears things in the brain, without ears. There is no light or color in the outside world. There is a special system in our bodies for color. It distinguished different light waves as colors, and the brain interprets them as colors. It interprets them one by one as red, blue, green and the rest.

The highest quality visual system in the world happens in a space the size of a lentil. Indeed, it is so perfect people imagine it is real. There is also stereo sound. It is the soul that sees and hears. Something has to see the electric current in the eye, and without having eyes itself. The soul sees without eyes and hears without ears and tastes without a tongue. It smells without having a nose. Touch reaches the brain as an electric current, and the soul perceives it. The soul feels these perceptions with no fingers, feet or body. When asked, evolutionists say it is metaphysical, saying, “we cannot explain it.” They never embark on the subject. What is left? Lenin says, "never embark on that subject, you will burn your fingers.” They have also burned their fingers when it comes to protein. Dawkins says a high level of civilization was needed to make the first molecule, and that this was represented by space creatures. But who made that advanced civilization? He never thought of that. May Allah bring him to his senses.

It is impossible for something that exists to be lost for all time. It is impossible for a sound, an image or an entity to disappear for all time. It is impossible in scientific terms for an image to disappear. It is permanent in the Sight of Allah. Allah has created eternal time within an infinitely brief time. This is breathtaking. Allah creates life in great detail. Cars come and go, people write checks and pay bills and taxes. It is all set out to perfection. Like a film screenplay. A perfect screenplay. And people are taken in by that screenplay, because of its perfection. For example, people sell cooked fish between two bits of bread, the wind hits their faces sand they imagine it is all real. But they are all images. There are genuine entities on the outside, but they are transparent, black, colorless and soundless. Nothing comes of them. The sense of touch stems from atoms repelling one another. The same with the sense of smell. But our souls smell with no nose and hear with no ears. That is the kind of system we have.

2012-10-31 15:45:52

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