Mr. Oktar’s Interview with Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim, the Secretary General of The European Rohingya Board

Mr. Oktar, our guest Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim is with us. If you like, I would like to briefly introduce him to you.

Adnan Oktar:  Yes, please.

Bülent Sezgin: Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim is the Secretary general of the European Rohingya Board. This Board was established following the genocide committed against the Rohingya Muslims living in Rakhine Province in June 2012 by the Myanmar government. Mr. Ibrahim has a website, the Burma Times, where he regularly publishes your articles written under the pen name Harun Yahya. In this website, he seeks solutions for the persecutions inflicted upon the Rohingya Muslims. .

Adnan Oktar: Welcome, you have honored us.

Mohamed Ibrahim: Thank you very much.

Adnan Oktar: We are in the last phase when the ordeals the Rohingya Muslims, as well as other Muslims are going through, will come to an end. Insha’Allah, in a very short time this trouble will totally be removed from the Islamic world.

Mohamed İbrahim: Insha’Allah.

Adnan Oktar: What kind of activities do you carry out? Can you enlighten us, so that we can feel joyful over it.

Mohamed Ibrahim: First of all thank you very much to give me the opportunity to come here, to sit here with a great guy. There are millions of people looking at you everyday. It is my honor to come here. And thank you very much on behalf of the Rohingya  communities.

Adnan Oktar: I am honored.

Mohamed Ibrahim: We are living in  Europe, some Rohingya peoples, not too much. Around 1,500 people. Then we created the organisation, the European Rohingyan Council which is working on behalf of the Rohingyan community. 

Adnan Oktar: Masha’Allah.

Mohamed Ibrahim: Our organisation is registered in The Netherlands, but we live in twelve different countries. Our main goal is peace and to attain our rights though dialogue.

Adnan Oktar: Peace, love and brotherhood and to achieve them by scientific methods. Attaining the goal through love; this is very beautiful, masha’Allah.                                                                                              

Mohamed İbrahim: Thank you. So our main objective is advocating for the Rohingya Muslims in Europe, and especially in the United Nations and the EU. Because the Rohingya people are very uneducated and very poor, their voice does not reach every country. So we have the opportunity to speak on behalf of them.

Adnan Oktar: May God be pleased with you. Indeed they are downtrodden, they are indeed in a very difficult situation. Your activities also have a huge impact. Otherwise their names would never be heard; they would be oppressed silently. In this way we awaken the entire world against this threat. By supporting these wronged brothers worldwide, we open a way of salvation for them. Your activities are indeed auspicious, may God be pleased with you.

Mohamed Ibrahim: Thank you very much. I would like to say here the following to the kind people who support Rohingya Muslims. Rohingya people are the most persecuted community.

Our people are facing very dangerous persecution every day. They even cannot marry, they even cannot move. The government is like an open jail. Even in prison they give you a boundary, you can move freely inside that boundary, but people in Arakan cannot move. It is worse than jail.

Adnan Oktar: There is need to alert the world more and make them more aware, because the cruel would feel very much annoyed of hearing this scream. The power of the cruel comes from their being hidden; if he is exposed, his power would be broken. Let’s introduce these cruel ones to the entire world, let’s make them be heard. May God be pleased with you, you make a lot of effort.

Mohamed İbrahim: Yes, this is our hope. In this era we believe they come back for us; we hope the Rohingya will be free, that Muslims will be free in Burma. Especially I would like to give you more thanks because every week, your articles come to us. These articles reach the Rohingya community and other communities and make them understand how Muslim communities want peace, to understand what they are looking for.

Adnan Oktar: Insha’Allah, let’s write more of them. Let’s make stronger moves. By you and us being instrumental, let’s make those beloved brothers attain relief and light, insha’Allah.

Mohamed İbrahim: Insha’Allah. Of course you pray, you have to remember us. You have a voice that reaches everywhere so that people understand, people will know. Especially people in Turkey care about the Rohingya people. If a few people raise their voice, it won’t solve our problems.

The big figure must come forward to speak to the international law. That is why we ask you to bring more pressure to the international community to work on that cause.

Adnan Oktar: May God be pleased with you. We can make more pressure, because when we envision the life our brothers have there, it is horrible. We will never forget that horrible image we have in our minds, insha’Allah. We will always keep it in our mind and we will set the world on fire. Insha’Allah, with your initiation and our efforts, this sedition, this pain will come to an end.

May your heart be at ease; on the other hand, in such a cruel environment, it is surely very important to live it. It is very important to keep it in memory. By frequently reminding people of their situation, by writing about them and submitting petitions, we will make an effort to put an end to this persecution, insha’Allah. We wil also warn the government, insha’Allah. Mr. Erdogan is a sensitive person in such issues. Mr. Prime Minister is also very sensitive, but the more we keep these issues on the agenda, the more annoyance it will cause for the cruel ones. Insha’Allah; that will be very good. 

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