Some important event to take place during the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as)

I said to him, when will he [Hazrat Mahdi (as)] come out? He said: when you saw armies from the city of Anbar in Iraq at the banks of Euphrates, Shiraz and Tigris, and the tower of Kufah is destroyed, and burning of some houses in Kufah, when you see all this, verily Allah will act according to His wish, no one can subdue the commandment of Allah and no one can review His judgment.

(Falahi Ssa’il: 199; and in Al-Misbaah: 51 and Al-Baladul Ameen: 35 with slit difference)

Hadith refers to the signs of Hazrat Mahdi’s (as) emergence. During the occupation of Iraq, which is one of the events in the end times, rule of American army in the city Anbar in Iraq has taken place widely in newspapers and television. Deterioration of terror near the banks of Euphrates and Tigris also took place in this era. Shiraz, which is mentioned in the hadith is the name of a city in Iran as well as the previous name for the city Tahran. The greatest conflicts in Iran took place in Tahran when Reza Shah Pehlevi was abdicated by a coup. Hadith also refers to the conflicts in the city of Kufah in Iraq. Infights between the American rule and local resister groups have teken place frequently in the media. Our Prophet (saas) mentioned the important events to take place in the end times 1400 years beforehead. Noone is able to hinder the events in the destiny, created by Allah, Allah will fullfill His order.
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