Hazrat Mahdi's (as) complexion will be white mixed with red, like that of our Prophet (saas)

The coloring of the Arab race is a reddish-white complexion like that of our Prophet (saas).
Our Prophet’s (saas) complexion is described as follows in acocounts:

• Anas ibn Malik narrates: "Our Prophet (saas) was of medium height; he was not tall and not short; he had a pleasant appearance. His hair was neither curly nor straight. The color of his mubarak (something on which divine goodness has been bestowed) face was a SAINTLY white.” (At-Tirmidhi Imam Abu I'sa Muhammad, Shamail al-Sharifa, Vol. 2, Hilal Press, Ankara, 1976, p. 7-8)

• Hz. Hasan narrates: "Rasulullah (saas) was innately imposing and majestic. His hair was between curly and straight; if it was parted in two, he hang it down on either side of his head, if not, he did not. If he allowed it to grow, it passed the fleshy part of his ears. Our Prophet’s (saas) coloring was whitish and bright, that is saintly white. His forehead was clear. His eyebrows were crescent-like, thick and close to one another. His neck had a silvery transparency like that of statues made of pure marble. All his limbs were in proportion and very handsome..." (At-Tirmidhi Imam Abu I'sa Muhammad, Shamail al-Sharifa, Vol. 1, Hilal Press, Ankara,1976, p. 18-22-23)

• Anes ibn Malik (ra) narrates:

"Rasulullah was neither tall, nor short. His complexion was neither pure white, nor  too dark. " (Sunan at-Tirmidhi Translation, Translated by: Osman Zeki Mollamehmetoğlu, Yunus Emre Press, Istanbul, Vol. 4, p. 201)

• "Our Master was a whitish pink in color. His eyes were black and his eyelashes thick and long." (Hz. Ali (ra), G. Ahmad Ziyauddin, Ramuz El Hadis, Vol. 2, Gonca Press, Istanbul, 1997, p. 519/4)

Anes ibn Malik said this about our Prophet’s (saas) complexion: He was white, but a darkish white. (Ibn Kathir, Samailar-Rasul, p. 28)

Our Prophet (saas) had a reddish white complexion. But the visible parts of his complexion were darker because of the effects of Sun and wind. The accounts show that Hazrat Mahdi (as) will have the same complexion as that of our Prophet (saas).

Accounts reveal that Hazrat Mahdi (as) will have a similar complexion.

• Hazrat Mahdi (as) has Arab coloring. (Ibn Hajar Al Makki; Al-Qawlul Muhtasar fi Alamati  Mahdiyy al-Muntazar, p. 15-75)

• Hazrat Mahdi’s (as) coloring is Arab. (Portents of the Last Day, p. 163)

• He is Arab in coloring. (Kitab al-Burhan Fi Alamet Mahdiyy al-Ahir Zaman, 24) 

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