Our Prophet (saas) has drawn Muslims’ attention to the hypocrites

According to Ali b. Abu Talib, Rasulullah (saas) said:
“I fear no believer or polytheist regarding my Ummah . BECAUSE HIS FAITH PREVENTS A BELIEVER (COMMITTING EVIL). DISBELIEF ALSO DESPATCHES THE POLYTHEIST. WHAT ACTUALLY WORRIES ME IS GLIB HYPOCRITE. BECAUSE THAT SAYS THINGS YOU WILL LIKE BUT DOES THINGS YOU WILL DISLIKE.” (Tabarani, al-Mu’jamu’l-awsat ve al-Mu’jamu’s-sagir, Ilim Kitabi, Munafigin polemigi (Book of Knowledge, Polemics of the Hypocrite), p. 512)


In the hadith our Prophet (saas) draws Muslims’ attention to glib hypocrites. As we know, hypocrites cunningly live among Muslims and portray themselves as such, but who make use of the opportunities provided by them and seek their own self-interest. Hypocrites who do not in fact believe in Allah but pretend to have faith will also be present among Hazrat Mahdi’s (as) community of 313 people. In the same way they behaved hypocritically toward our Prophet (saas) and his people 1400 years ago, so they will use the same cunning stratagems to oppose Islam now. They will employ such methods as spreading corruption, strife and disorder, setting Muslims against one another and mocking Muslims, in their own eyes, in order to strive against Islam.

One of the aspects of hypocrites that Allah refers to in the Qur’an is their way of speaking:


When you see them, their outward form appeals to you, and if they speak you listen to what they say. But they are like propped-up planks of wood. They imagine every cry to be against them. They are the enemy, so beware of them. Allah fight them! How they are perverted! (Surat al-Munafiqun, 4)

As in the verse, our Prophet (saas) also refers to this aspect of the hypocrites in the hadith. The people in question use their glibness and ready answers against the religion, not on behalf of Islam. They engage in mocking talk about the religion and religious values, and strive to make people laugh at them by making improper jokes. But in doing this they are cunningly striving against the Qur’an and the religion of Allah, and the unbelievers support them in their struggle against Muslims. 

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