The Courthouses and the Prisons Will Be Emptied in the Time of Hazrat Mahdi (as)

-     Our Prophet (saas) reveals in the hadiths that immediately prior to the visible appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (as) there will be an increase in crime levels and diversity of crime. They are each portents of the End Times.

-    The hadiths describe how murders will rise, adultery will increase, there will be a rise in cases of suicide, bribery will be widespread and there will be increases in many similar offenses during the End Times.

-    Since lovelessness and distrust are widespread, one of the important signs of the End Times, the slightest disagreement can give rise to serious disputes, as a result of which serious crimes may be perpetrated.

-    As a result, prisons today are full to capacity. The courthouses are also overflowing on a daily basis.

-    The judges, prosecutors and wardens who work in the courthouses and prisons ARE THEREFORE IMPRISONED  IN A WAY BETWEEN FOUR WALLS IN NARROW, DARK CELLS. They have to work in these dismal places from morning till night. They have to make the most equitable decisions that may be affecting people’s whole lives under these very difficult conditions.

-    It is essential, in terms of the work these valuable people do, that they should be under no physical or psychological pressure. It is essential that they should be calm and free of stress if they are to make the most accurate decisions in line with good conscience. It is vitally important that these people be given the finest means available.


2010-06-08 10:39:01

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