Oktar Babuna’s, M.D., Interview as Representative of Adnan Oktar with Stefanio Bonfiglio for Ticino Notizie

Presenter: Hello everybody, I am here with the renowned Turkish neurosurgeon Mr. Babuna, who cooperates with an important group led by Oktar, Harun Yahya. This group is very famous all over the world for its great culture, intelligence and ability to understand. As a group, they try to spread their point of view regarding Islamic religion and the Qur’an, and their concepts are different from what we experience every day with terrorism. Their thought about evolution, Darwin’s theories, anti-evolution and creationism is extremely important, too. They are very religious. I would like to ask you two specific questions. I would like to know your opinion about scientific aspects and your relations with the rest of the world and with Russia in particular.

Presenter: What are the scientific motivation for which you think Darwinism is not science, and if that theory is not science what is it religion, philosophy?

Oktar Babuna: Well, we believe at the scientific evidences very objectively. Darwinism which means evolution would be a fact, they say,

the species transform to other species randomly and gradually. That’s what Darwin says actually: evolution. So for example fish, the sea animals, they say, would transform in hundred millions of years into land animals, into snake for example, and the reptiles. So we have to see the transitional forms; that’s very logical, isn’t it? I mean, we have to see half-fish half-reptile, half-gill half-lung transitions and random transitions. But logically and scientifically this is impossible because if there’s any change in the fish in the sea animal, they would not survive, they would die.

Presenter: Because of the natural selection?

Oktar Babuna: No, not because of the natural selection, but if there’s a defect in the gill, it can not breathe; these are very complex organ systems. So they have to be complete, perfect, 100% correct in order to function. So that’s the reason why we don’t see any transitional forms. Darwin said [admitted] that actually. He said there are no transitional forms. No, none, not even one [transitional form]. Although he is the founder of Darwinism and he claims evolution is a fact, but then he admitted in his book there are no transitional forms. No transitional forms means no evolution of course. When we look at the fossil record, we see species appear abruptly in the past and never change, and this is admitted by all the evolutionists. The second thing is, which is a fatal blow to Darwinism: since they claim that life emerged by chance, first the proteins must have [existed], then gradually the living cell [existed], they say. But if we look at the scientific evidences we see proteins, the protein molecules, which are the building blocks of the living things, cannot emerge by chance. Proteins can only be produced by other proteins. At least 100 different proteins inside the living cell [must have existed] including the DNA and all the organelles of a living cell. So proteins can only be produced in a living, complete living cell by other proteins. This is a deadly blow to Darwinism. Since they say, first the protein molecule [existed] then the other ones [existed], but science says “no”. Proteins cannot emerge by chance, they can only be produced by a living cell. So living cell must [have] been created first, [so that] it can produce the protein molecules and this is accepted by all the scientists in the world. This is a deadly blow to evolution. So chance cannot do anything. They say chance created all this complexity and harmony in the living cells, in the atoms and in the universe. Science says “no”. It is impossible. There must be a creator and it cannot be chance of course. Chance is nothing. An omnipotent Creator, with omnipotent infinite intelligence and infinite artistry created all of this. So this is what science and logic tells us immediately. So what is Darwinism then? Darwinism is a belief, a false belief so we can call it a pagan religion, because at the time of the Sumerians, thousands and thousands of years ago at the time of the Pharoah of the Egypt, they believed in the same thing: emergence of life by chance from the mud, from the mud of Nile river and from the mud and they transformed to other species by the idols [named] Lahau and Lahamu, Sumerians say. They say idols [created], they had idols; the idols created themselves, Sumerian says, and then [created] the living things. Now Darwinism says chance created all the living things, [just] like their idols so it’s a pagan religion. It’s not science. But should it be thought in the schools? Yes. In the pagan religion section Darwinism can be thought in the schools, but we also have to teach the real fossil evidence, genetics, molecular biology and why “proteins’ emergence by chance is impossible” should also be thought in the schools, both of them. So people can decide [for themselves] what is right and what is wrong. We should show the fossils. The evolutionists never show the fossils. Why?

Because fossils prove the existence of God. They appear abruptly and [there is no] no transitional [forms] between the fossils. They have always [had] complete organ systems. For example, the eye can only see when it is complete. When a little part is missing in the eye it can not see. So it must be 100 % [complete], so it cannot be formed gradually and randomly, like evolutionists claim. So it’s a pagan religion, we can teach Darwinism in the schools in the history section, in the pagan religion section, but not in science because it’s not science. Science tells us there must be a Creator, by means of the fossil evidence, genetics, molecular biology, the complexity of the living things; the harmony and organization tells us there must be a Creator.

Presenter: And what kind of relationship do you have with Russia with Putin, with Dugin?

Oktar Babuna: Russian President Mr. Putin is a very reasonable person, he is a good believer, a bold person, very brave, very courageous person and also his politics is. We have a very good alliance between Turkey and Russia right now, [between] Mr Erdoğan and Mr. Putin. Mr. Adnan Oktar always defended to have good relationships with Russia. There was a tension between Russia and Turkey. Mr Adnan Oktar recommended to Mr. Erdoğan to offer an apology to Russia because we hit their airplane as you know and it was dropped but it turned out that was done by the FETO terror organization. The terror organization FETO, their pilots did this, so then after Mr. Erdoğan apologized from Mr. Putin. [Right now] we have a very good relationship. Putin is a very reasonable person and he is a good opportunity for Russia and Alexander Dugin also is a very reasonable, smart and courageous person. Mr. Adnan Oktar’s articles are articles of a Muslim and his books are free of course in Russia. He is the only Muslim person allowed by Putin administration to do activities in Russia. Because Mr. Adnan Oktar always recommends love, good relations, Russia -Turkey alliance in the Middle East. And Mr. Dugin also admires Mr. Adnan Oktar’s works and he invited us to their TV channel. We did a program about Darwinism. In their TV channel Tsargrad TV. He is a very good person also. They are very much liked in Turkey. Turkish nation loves Mr. Putin, Mr Dugin and Russia very much. So Russia is a very critical ally of Turkey right now in the region to bring peace. As you know, for example in Syria, Russia defends the unity of Syria and Iraq, Turkey defends the unity of Iraq and Syria and also Iran defends the unity of Iraq and Syria.

In Astana meetings, they made some decisions about de-escalation zones, generated 4 zones in Syria, which encompasses 2.5 million people so that was put in the practice and there was immediately decline in the hostility and conflict in these regions. So we worked together actually, but we should also have Italy as an ally and all the European countries, to bring peace, but it only can be done ideologically with intellectual struggle. And Mr. Putin is aware of that. He is a very good president for Russia. Russia is a beautiful country, beautiful nation so we love him and respect him very much. And with Italy, Turkey, western countries, Russia, Israel, all other countries of the Middle East, we can ally together to bring peace to the world, because terrorism troubles not only the Middle East, but also all the western countries. It troubles Italy, it troubles other European countries, it troubles Turkey, it troubles Syria. Iraq is destroyed, Afghanistan is destroyed. Let’s work together, ally together and eradicate intellectually the radical view and their ideologies of radicalism so the world will change. We are very hopeful for the future of the world in 5-10 years because there are signs of the end times happening one by one. There will be a very different world. God will do it. First it will get worse a few years, but after that it will get better by God’s willing and we will see that Muslims, Christians, Jews will live in peace together with freedom of thought, freedom of worship, democracy everywhere, peace everywhere and women will be free, there will be no male domination in the world, now it’s a male dominated world, everywhere in the western countries also. Very few woman parliamentarians in Italy also, right? More male. Everywhere males dominate the world, it will change. Women will govern the world, equal but more, because women are better than men in the terms of aesthetics, arts, they are better in details, better in organizations, they are more compassionate and full of love than men, woman, so women are superior in many aspects. Women should govern the world, do you agree?

Presenter: Just a little because I think it’s equal and also women have, they …

Oktar Babuna: They can change the world.

Presenter: Yes but also with men because they…

Oktar Babuna: Imagine [that] the president of Italy is a woman, the president of Turkey is a woman. Women would stop the wars, no violence.. Arts will be everywhere in the world. The streets and the buildings will be very beautiful because women have a better taste. Decorations will be better. There will be love everywhere because women are full of love and very compassionate to humans, to animals everything. That’s what Mr. Adnan Oktar says all the time actually. Because women are the beauties of this world. And with women everything is beautiful. Without women this would be a terrible world. With women everything is beautiful.

Presenter: No riffles,

Oktar Babuna: No riffles. Yes. Thank you for this opportunity, we send salams and grretings and love of Mr. Adnan Oktar to the entire Italian nation. Italy is a beautiful country. Number one in arts, Italians are beautiful people, very happy, very extrovert people. We love Italians very very much.

Presenter: We are positive.

Oktar Babuna: Yes, very very positive, very artistic, arts of Italy is perfect. Italy is a very beautiful country; we want to have much much much better relationship of Turkey and Italy. We’d love to see that.

Presenter: Ok.

2017-12-27 22:19:07

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