Ramadan 2014, The 22th Day

Allah will say, 'This is the Day when the sincerity of the sincere will benefit them. They will have Gardens with rivers flowing under them, remaining in them timelessly, for ever and ever. Allah is pleased with them and they are pleased with Him. That is the Great Victory.' (Surat al-Ma’ida, 119)

We asked: "(As for) Paradise, what is its foundation?" He [Prophet Muhammad (saas)] said: "One brick of gold and one brick of silver. Its mortars are of musk of strong scent, its stones are pearls and emeralds, and its soil is of saffron. Whoever enters it will be in bliss and not in want, live in bliss and not die, their clothes will not get old, and their youth will not end." (Ahmad, Tirmidhi)


In Surat al-Kahf, Almighty Allah says, “They will have Gardens of Eden with rivers flowing under them.” The golden rivers of the Garden of Eden: Allah has caused human beings to have a great love of water. One’s heart melts when one sees water. One does not know why, it is purely instinctive. It delights one to see water flowing, even just a little from a fountain. Because we will love it in paradise, insha’Allah. “They will be adorned in them with bracelets made of gold,...” What is gold? A metal you wear on your arm. Allah has made us love it. Women love gold. They love to be adorned in gold. Its appearance is most attractive. People delight in seeing it. It is lovely to see it on a woman. Why? They know it from paradise. Instinctively. Gold would be just another metal if Allah did not make us love it. You may as well wear iron or copper. But Allah makes us love it. It takes one’s breath away to see it. People will also love gold in paradise. Touching gold and looking at gold.“and wear green garments made of the finest silk and rich brocade,...” people also like silk and bright fabrics. Hazrat Hassan and (pbuh) and Hazrat Hussein (pbuh) always wore silk, masha’Allah. They delighted in it. “reclining there on couches under canopies.” (Surat al-Kahf, 31) They recline on wide chairs or couches. (A9 TV, May7, 2012)

Beauties of the Paradise Which are Missed In The Life of This World

Allah created a sense for beauty in the souls of humans. However, this disclosure and the development of aesthetic understanding is directly related to faith and occasion of his mind won by his faith. Maturation of a person’s faith and his or her longing for paradise, increases the pleasure one gets from the beauties by the will of Allah.

Allah has informed us about the beauty and the aesthetic understanding of the environment in heaven which is promised to sincere believers in the Qur’an. As the verses inform us,  Almighty Allah equipped paradise with blessings which the human soul is loves and is mostly affected by. Allah created people in “beautiful appearance”, in an instinct to enjoy all kinds of beauty, aesthetics and art.

A believer takes great pleasure when he sees similar environments in paradise as places in this world and gives thanks to Allah for these blessings.

The human spirit takes indescribable pleasure from the beauties of the nature,  numerous different types of flowers, unique view of green leaves, and landscapes. Natural beauty and the greenery of lands are the wonderful blessings of paradise. It is antoher beauty that it is placed nearby the mansions and shadows, inside gardens and springs. Here are some other characteristics of paradise from information in the Quran:

Paradise has a pleasant climate which is informed by another  verse “... neither burning sun nor bitter cold... ” (Surat al-Insan, 13) that never discomforts people.   Heat that makes people sweat or swelter doesn’t belongs to there. Allah will place the believers “into cool, refreshing shade.” in the paradise. (Surat an-Nisa’, 57)

“Refreshing shade” expression in this verse signs that all media and conditions in paradise would be willed by people and would make people comfortable and be prepared to comfort people, provide a real sense of satisfaction for the human soul. Everything and every place in paradise would be “after one’s own heart” for a Muslim.

One of the natural beauties that Allah mostly gave news in the verses related to paradise is the “outpouring water”(s) (Surat al-Waqi‘a, 31) Human spirit takes great pleasure from water, especially flowing water. A lake, stream, waterfall or a river falling through the forest gives great pleasure to people. Images and sounds of flowing water give peace and comfort to the human heart. Images and sounds of water falling from high above gives pleasure to the soul. Aim of the palaces, mansions or ponds which are made in the gardens of the mansions, pools and fountains or the natural rivers all comes from this aesthetic longing.

Another beauty that awakes beautiful feelings in the human soul are sounds. Reason why the music has a very important place in every era is the deep effect that makes in the human soul. The human soul takes great enthusiasm, excitement and pleasure from beautiful human voices, as well as a ripple of flowing water.

Beautiful morality gives the most pleasure to human spirit. Morals of the Qur’an is the synthesis of all of the beautiful features which Allah informs that He is pleased with. These lofty morals  include such things as sacrifice, being considerate, ccompassion, loyalty, honesty, justice, loving, beautiful candor, docility, peace,  brotherhood, tolerance, and understanding.

For example, people love and respect a person who gives his or her meal to poor people although he is himself in need.  Similarly honesty is one of the occasions that directs the spirit to positive feelings. Because people feel love and intimacy for the people who are honest and have beautiful morals. Allah created the human soul to have love and affection for beautiful morals.

Single responsibility of a person for all of the beauties that Allah gives him as appealing to the human spirit is properly giving thanks to Allah and to live a life which Allah is pleased with. The beautiful results which believers take on the day of judgement and the punishment which unbelievers will face is informed in a verse as:

What is the Garden promised to those who guard against evil like? It has rivers flowing under it and its foodstuffs and cool shade never fail. That is the final fate of those who guard against evil. But the final fate of the disbelievers is the Fire.” (Surat ar-Rad, 35)

The Myth of the Evolution of Fish with Lungs

Evolutionists resort to evolutionist tales regarding fish with lungs and maintain that these fish were the first vertebrates to move from water to dry land. However, the idea of the passage from water to dry land and the role assumed to have been played in this scenario by fish with lungs stem solely from blind devotion to the theory of evolution. Evolutionists are unable to produce any concrete evidence to support their claims. This can clearly be seen from Darwinist writings. One sees tales about how fish supposedly developed lungs in order to be able to make use of the oxygen in the air and how their fins turned into feet to enable them to walk on land. But these people are unable to produce any fossil evidence for their claims. The reason for this is clear: such a passage is entirely imaginary and there is no scientific evidence to support it.

On the contrary, the scientific evidence refutes these Darwinist tales. The weakness of the evolutionary myths about fish with lungs is a fact explicitly and frequently brought up even in evolutionist literature.

Fish with lungs are able to breathe air and to survive in dry periods thanks to an astonishing metabolic arrangement and system. These fish, which have to rise to the surface approximately every 20 minutes, bury themselves inside a cocoon made of mud in dry seasons when the waters retract and enter into a kind of summer sleep, known as aestivation. This time, when their metabolisms slow down enormously, will last for months, or sometimes even for years, until the rains begin again.

Some evolutionists claim that these creatures are left over from this so called period, living transitional forms. According to this entirely imaginary evolutionist fantasy, the fish in question were imprisoned in very small bodies of water caused by a drought in the Devonian Period, some 300 million years ago, and learned how to walk from one pool to another. Some evolutionists regard these fish as the supposed ancestors of amphibians (and quadrupeds).

There are enormous difference, in terms of skeletons and organs, between amphibians and the fish with lungs alleged to be their ancestors. In a paper published in the Journal of Molecular Evolution the researchers  C. Marshall and H. P. Schultz wrote that,
"Morphological analysis of the "living fossils," the coelacanth and lungfish, has only lead to confusion regarding possible evolution of tetrapods.” (Marshall C. and Schultze HP. Journal of Molecular Evolution 35 (2): 93-101, 1992.)

A paper in the Proceedings of the Linnean Society admitted the dilemma facing the supposed evolutionary origins of fish with lungs – portrayed as resting on very sure foundations:

"… the lungfishes, like every other major group of fishes that I know, have their origins firmly based in nothing." (Quoted in W. R. Bird, The Origin of Species Revisited [Nashville: Regency, 1991; originally published by Philosophical Library, 1987],

In his book “Evolution: A Theory in Crisis,” the molecular biologist Michael Denton wrote that evolutionists described fish with lungs as a transitional form between fish and amphibians, but said that the individual characteristics of fish with lungs "in no way represent a realistic passage between the two." ("Evolution: A Theory in Crisis", Michael Denton, Adler and Adler: Bethesda, Maryland, 3rd ed. 1986, p. 109)

The fossil record also deals a heavy blow to evolutionist scenarios regarding fish with lungs. These have remained unchanged for hundreds of millions of years and fossils belonging to these creatures are identical to specimens living today. Not a single fossil exists to justify the claim that the lungs in this fish developed gradually. This shows that fish with lungs are rather evidence against evolution, not for it. It is clear in the light of the above facts that the idea that fish with lungs represent an evolutionary phase is simply a fantasy.

What evolutionists are doing is to try to spread a scenario about fish with lungs as if they were the scientific truth and to ignore the objections to that scenario that can easily be found in the scientific literature. This is a blind endeavor to spread Darwinist propaganda with unscientific myths.

Like all living things, fish with lungs exhibited sublime complexities far beyond the reach of even the most advanced technologies. And like all living things they are proof of a flawless Creation. The idea that fish one day moved from the water to dry land and developed lungs and feet with the help of blind chance is a myth. The truth is that Almighty Allah has perfectly created these animals.

The Slow Moving Fire That Will İlluminate the Necks of the Camels Described in the Hadiths Refers to the Oil Wells in the Middle East

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar’s live talk on March 1st, 2012

Our Prophet (saas) says: “A fire will emerge, soon” “that will illuminate the necks of the camels in Basra”. Abu Ya’lâ and Imam Ahmed relate the following hadith:“ A fire will emerge from Habs al-Sayl.” Always the Middle East region, the oil-rich regions, “and will move slowly, like the gait of a camel” very slowly, fairly slowly, because a camel walks slowly but it is said, “fairly slowly”, “it will move fairly slowly.”  “ a fire that illuminate the necks of the camels in Basra from one of the valleys of Hejaz.”  This time there is mention to Hejaz, Saudi Arabia, the oil-richest regions: Basra, Saudi Arabia. The hadith already specifies the locations of the oil regions prior to 1400 years. The reported regions are all oil-rich regions. “The Day of Reckoning will not come until  a fire that will illuminate the necks of the camels in Basra flows.” “Fire flows.” What is a flowing fire? Oil, insha’Allah. Notice now what is related: “It has a neck like a camel’sneck and it moves very slowly.” Let us show that image.

Something related with oil; now this is an apparatus to drill oil which is employed in every corner of the world.

It moves very slowly. Note that with its apparance, head and body it resembles a camel. It steadily drills oil with dead slow, weighty movements.

Our Prophet (saas) has provided a detailed description of the End Times, certainly one of the most important periods in world history. He described the social, political and economic developments that will take place, the natural events, people’s appearances, their moral values and the technological advances of the age. One of the reports by Rasulullah (saas) regarding the End Times concerns the oil wells in the Middle East:

Abu Ya’lâ and Imam Ahmed relate the following hadith: “A fire will emerge from Habs-u Sayl (al-Huseyni) and will move slowly, like the gait of a camel...”

The Musnad al-Firdaws relates from Umar (r.a.): “The Day of Reckoning will not come until  a fire that will illuminate the necks of the camels in Basra emerges from one of the valleys of Hejaz!” (Portents of Doomsday, Muhammed b. Rasul al-Husaynî al-Barzanjî, p. 85)

The hadith refers to Hejaz and Basra, and speaks of a fire that will illuminate camels’ necks and move very slowly

The mechanical arms of the drills used in oil wells look exactly like the necks of camels, and one feature of these machines is that they move very slowly and constantly produce oil.

We are all familiar with the flames that emerge from oil wells.

Those flames illuminate the machines in question, just as described in the hadith.

In another hadith on the same subject our Prophet (saas) refers to Hejaz and Basra:

Hejaz and Basra

 “A fire will emerge from there (Hejaz); it will illuminate the necks of the camels in Basra...” (Portents of Doomsday, Muhammad b. Rasul al-Husaynî al-Barjanjî, p. 85)

The Middle East is one of the world’s oil-richest regions. The Gulf of Basra alone contains 2/3 of the world’s oil reserves so far discovered. Research shows that Saudi Arabia alone has proven reserves of 262 billion barrels, representing 25.4% of all the world’s oil. Iraq has 11% of the world’s oil reserves, the United Arab Emirates 9.6%, Kuwait 9.2%, Iran 8.6%, and other OPEC countries have 13% while the remaining 22.6% belongs to the other countries of the world.

The way that our Prophet (saas) foretold, 1,400 years ago, how the Middle East would have rich oil reserves and that this oil would be extracted by machines resembling the necks of camels is both a most exciting miracle and a great blessing for believers.


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