Islam: Religion of peace, love


As we all know, there has recently been great upheaval in the Islamic world. Civil wars and invasions have grown, and Muslims continue to be oppressed. Some people point to the wickedness in the Islamic world and foolishly seek to ascribe this to Islam itself. Yet Islam is a religion of peace and love that prohibits corruption, killing and dispute. It is vitally important for that fact to be well explained to everyone with verses from the Noble Quran and the month of Ramadan is an excellent vehicle for doing so.

People are more loving and forgiving in the month of Ramadan, and those who have fallen out are reconciled. People better understand through the moral values that prevail in the month of Ramadan that Islam is a religion of love. 

Our holy book, the Quran, is a true Book sent down by Allah to lead people to the true path and to moral virtues. The moral values commanded in the Quran are based on love and understanding. The word ‘Islam’ comes from the Arabic word for ‘peace.’ Allah sent down Islam so that people might see the manifestations of His infinite love and compassion in the world and to lead lives based on peace:You who have faith! Enter Islam totally. Do not follow in the footsteps of satan. He is an outright enemy to you. (Surat al-Baqara: 208)

In this verse our Lord explicitly states that Islam is a faith built on the foundations of love and affection. The Holy Quran teaches us a conception of love that stems from faith and has a profound effect on the soul. Feelings of altruism, courage, generosity, love and protectiveness represent the essence of the conception of love in the Quran. 

That is why Islam calls people to peace and encourages a life based on complete sincerity and honesty in the Sight of Allah. It is therefore very important for every individual to accept and act on Allah’s provisions and commands in order to live by Islam in a sincere manner.

This is the basis of Islam, and is set out as follows in a verse: There is no compulsion in the religion. (Surat al-Baqara: 256)

The moral values of Islam offer freedom of thought and religion, and thus environment of liberty. In the eyes of Islam, everyone has the right to live by his own beliefs, or lack thereof. One can worship in a church, in a synagogue or in a mosque, as one wishes, or live a life of no belief at all. Freedom of religion and belief are therefore another basic element of Islam.

Muslims therefore regard people of all faiths, races and nations as manifestations of Allah in this world and feel a profound love and affection for them. According to the Quran, a Muslim has a duty to treat everyone with kindness and affection. 

The love taught in the Quran is true love based on a love of Allah and His approval. That love is never weakened in the face of difficulty, and grows ever deeper despite time and errors. 

Adnan Oktar's piece on the Gulf Today & Hiba Magazine:

2014-07-29 02:13:00

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