Altug Berker’s Lecture during the 1st Intl Conf. on the Origin of Life and the Universe held by TBAV (24.08.2016 - Conrad)

Albert Einstein once said:

“The scientists’ religious feeling takes the form of a rapturous amazement at the harmony of natural law, which reveals an intelligence of such superiority that, compared with it, all the systematic thinking and acting of human beings is an utterly insignificant reflection. The owner of this awe-inspiring intelligence is God.”

The owner of this awe-inspiring intelligence is God.

We don’t actually need to hear it from a scientist to understand this fact. Our own intelligence is enough to show us the existence of a Creator because we all have the capability of assessing what we see and come to a conclusion.

Everywhere we look, we see an incredible order; from the perfect mechanisms of millions of different species to the endless variety of vegetables and fruits, from the delicate balances on our planet to the precise levels of oxygen in the air.

Knowing and seeing all of this is enough to make us clearly realize the existence of God, Who has infinite wisdom. Needless to say, science and technology, which advance at a mind-boggling rate, are our biggest helpers in this understanding.

With the advance of technology, scientists are able to make much better and more accurate observations. For instance, the Hubble Telescope proved that the universe had a beginning and was created.

With the advance of technology and the onset of advanced scanning electron microscopes, we were able to examine the tiniest details of the living cell, including the DNA, and there we encountered an incredible complexity that has absolutely no room for coincidences.

This was such a precise order that the scientists leading the Human Genome Project, one of the most significant scientific researches in recent years, have clearly stated that the structure in the DNA and its perfect order unquestionably pointed to the existence of a superior intelligence.

Gene Myers, who was a part of the team in charge of the Human Genome Project, said the following about the order he saw in the DNA:

Gene Myers: What really astounds me is the architecture of life… The system is extremely complex. It's like it was designed… There's a huge intelligence there. (San Francisco Chronicle, Human Genome Project, Tom Abate, February 19, 2001)

One of the most important evidences of creation is, no doubt, the fossil record. All of the 500 million fossils unearthed so far are identical to their living counterparts. This means that living things haven’t changed at all; in other words, they haven’t evolved.

Now let’s see some examples of these magnificent signs of creation.

Just like this 350-million-year-old Moon Coral

Or this 95-million-year-old Horn Shark which was perfectly preserved and survived until this day.

Let’s continue:

140-million-year-old Turtle, no changes whatsoever

500-million-year-old Jellyfish

75-million-year-old Pelican Skull, and

125-million-year-old Conifer Twig...

All these scientific findings point us in the direction of Creation. Despite this, a majority of people are unaware of these facts. It is because the world of science is under immense pressure to keep these facts away from the public eye and to this end, scientific facts are either hidden or distorted. This is the ideological pressure of the materialism and the economic pressure of capitalism that provides ideological support to materialism. The platforms where scientists are supposed to present their views to propel their careers are under the control of those pressure circles.

The proponents of the superstitious religion of Darwinism are so adamant and tyrannical in this that speaking against evolution brings with it a great deal of difficulties for the relevant person.

According to this Darwinist imposition, doubting evolution, or talking about Darwinist hoaxes, is tantamount to committing a crime.

In addition, saying that evolution is a theory that has yet to be proven is another major crime for them.

It is almost impossible for a scientist with an anti-Darwinist stance to lecture in the biology department of a university.

It is impossible to see any picture of a fossil that refutes the evolutionary theory on the pages of a pro-Darwinist newspaper.

It is considered a mistake for a biology teacher to express his doubts about the theory of evolution, and when that happens, that teacher will most probably be dismissed.

The examples of this oppression are abundant: For instance, biology professor Caroline Crocker; she was dismissed from George Mason University because she questioned evolutionary theory. This is how she describes her ordeal:

Caroline Crocker: “My supervisor called me to his office and said ‘You have to be disciplined for teaching creation’, and I lost my job at the end of that semester.” (Expelled "No Intelligence Allowed") 

Biologist Richard von Sternberg, Ph.D., was dismissed from his duty at the National History Museum because he questioned evolution and allowed the publication of anti-evolution authors.

There is only one reason for these discriminatory attitude. Universities, scientific publications and similar institutions and organizations are under the control of those that support materialistic worldviews.

They want the theory of evolution –which is trying to rationalize fairy tales of coincidences- to be supported and propagated. There is no room for anyone in their world if that someone has conflicting views. Such people are removed from their duties at universities. Their articles are no longer published in journals. These circles control the educational systems of all countries and compel these countries to teach children the fairy tales of evolution as if they are facts.

Children growing up with the ruthless dogmas of evolution like ‘survival of the fittest’, or ‘the crush to survive’; they are indoctrinated with a cruel morality and a ruthless view of humanity and life. Needless to say, generations are raised with Darwinist lies that humans descend from animals and are therefore unworthy, turn problematic.

Therefore, the efforts of honest scientists like yourselves, who believe in science and conscientiousness and who explain the facts will help thwart these dangers and brighten up the future. Bravely speaking about the facts is a great virtue and it is an important trait of courageous people. Truth triumphs over all wrongs and lies. Sometimes, it may take some time. Now it is that time. There is no doubt that people, like you, like us, people who use this time wisely and to tell the facts, will win. Both in the eyes of people and in the sight of the Creator, Who creates those people.

And by the means of them, other people will also win. They will win themselves, their lives and their eternal lives.

Before I conclude, I want to remind you of one more thing. When Darwinism is mentioned, one name immediately comes to mind, who has had great influence not only in Turkey, but all around the world. Mr. Adnan Oktar, or Harun Yahya as he is mostly known outside Turkey, who is the honorary president of our Association.

Many presentations and studies to be discussed in this conference are based on his works.

Mr. Adnan Oktar has written more than 300 books and most of those books are dedicated to the rebuttal of Darwinism. He also extensively writes and speaks against the Darwinist dictatorship, and proves the connection of the theory of evolution and Social Darwinism and its detrimental effects on society. I would like to note also that he is very happy that you came to Turkey and attended our scientific event.

Without further ado, I would like to leave you alone with a short movie about the works of our Honorary President and their impact around the world.


2016-08-28 17:52:04

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