Dr. Bijan Nemati Talks about the Balances Necessary for Dexterity on the Earth

What we find on the earth, is that we have a state in which we are able to live on the earth, we can walk, we can move, we can climb, we can descend, what is going on? We are in a context in which are rotating. We are on a rotating surface, we actually are accelerating and this is a type of accelerated motion where we need a force that essentially pulls us into that acceleration and we have just the right amount of force to do that, which is a great level of gravitational force we are experiencing. Now our bodies are well matched to the gravitational force that we are experiencing and the acceleration we are experiencing so that we have a lot of dexterity on this planet. So we have sort of a harmony between the rotation of the earth, the gravitational pull of the earth and the strength of our bodies and the amount of energy that is available in our atmosphere where the oxygen for example, if we didn't have a lot of oxygen in our atmosphere, we wouldn't have the energy output to be able to make the motion happen.

2018-06-15 16:44:22

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