Dr. Bijan Nemati: "Atheists Should Not Feel so Fulfilled Intellectually with Darwinism."

- Does the Darwinist dictatorship exert pressure on the scientific world? Have you ever met with such pressure?


- The modern sociological state that exists in the scientific community is one where materialism is pre-eminent. Materialism is really the view that is the accepted view of our time. And materialism in the older days, in maybe a few centuries ago, the obvious question was "what about life, how could you explain life with matter?", and that was always a difficult one because you could clearly see so many signs of design. But since Darwin, there has been this sense as if the Darwinian explanation really is the answer we needed. As Richard Dawkins famously said, Darwin made it possible to be an intellectually fulfilled atheist. The reality though is that the atheists shouldn't be so quickly fulfilled. They should not feel so fulfilled intellectually with Darwinism. There are deep questions that Darwinism completely left unanswered. In Darwin’s day, the whole question of the fundamental nature of biology was reduced to that of chemistry. Darwin said if we can just imagine some pond with phosphorus and other chemicals, somehow these in a fortuitous way got together, we can then maybe imagine the origin of life. He left the origin of life pretty much unanswered; he thought somebody would figure it out. We had a hundred and sixty years to do that and what the answer is that life is fantastically more complicated, not just chemically. Essentially in life there are other things going on. Life is characterized not with just chemistry, it’s characterized by information and not just by information. It’s characterized by organization. And organization has very specific, mathematical, technical meaning. And the meaning is, at least one good way of saying is that life as an organized entity consists of components with functions. Components are interacting in their functions with each other at direct levels and indirect levels, so that a cell is a fantastically complicated machine. And it shows every sign of being engineered because nothing that we know in our experience gives organization and information. There is nothing in the laws of physics that produces organization and information. A typical physicist would tell you that organization is a state of no entropy. But in fact, entropy is a very corollary weak measure of information, it is sort of an ancillary measure of information. It is a measure, but it doesn't capture organization and function.


2018-06-15 17:03:27

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