Did you know these things about polar bears?

Freezing cold and biting winds...

A region covered in ice and snow for 12 months of the year....

Polar bears survive under these very difficult conditions 

All their features are ideally suited to these conditions.

Did you know that polar bears have tiny ears and tails compared to their body mass? 

Did you know that polar bears build perfectly insulated dens?

Polar bears have tiny ears and tails. In this way, possible heat loss through the surface blood vessels is reduced to a minimum. 

Female polar bears build their dens beneath masses of snow. The chambers in the dens are at a higher level than the entrance. This is a highly intelligent precaution, thus the heat is prevented from leaving through the entrance.

The ceilings are also up to 2 meters thick. This precautionary measure serves as an excellent insulant and keeps the den warm.

There is only one explanation for this intelligent behavior on the part of polar bears:

It is Allah, the infinitely merciful and loving, Who causes them to build their dens, Who has them follow flawless plans and Who protects and shelters them. Allah reveals this as follows in a verse:

There is no creature on the earth which is not dependent upon Allah for its provision. He knows where it lives and where it dies. They are all in a Clear Book. (Surah Hud, 6)

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