The German physician and his spouse turn to Islam

The German doctor Kai Luehr and his wife Catherine Luehr describe in a television program how they coverted to Islam from Christianity. Catherine Luehr says that before being honored with Islam her soul was empty, and that she went to church from time to time but failed to find the answers she was seeking. She goes on to say that she had never found happiness before, nor the answers to the questions in her mind, but that she enjoyed a most beneficial change after converting to Islam. Kai Luehr says that he was hugely impressed by the logical and rational nature of the answers given to him when he first became acquainted with Islam. Some 4000 people in Germany convert to Islam every year, and there has been a huge rise in the number of German converts in the last 5 years in particular. Dr. Luehr and his wife are both excellent models for these Muslims.

2010-02-01 04:43:13

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