Young man Who believes Allah is one tells how He became a Muslim

This young man who was born to a Christian family and became a Muslim while studying at university in London 10 years ago tells that it is impossible to believe in the errors of trinity in Christianity and of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) being the son of Allah (Surely Allah is beyond that), and that these false beliefs alienate many people from their religion. He tells that he never believed in the deviance of trinity and decided to become a Muslim after reading the Qur’an. He explains that before he became a Muslim, his conscience always told him that there is the One and Only Almighty Creator and that there should be a noble purpose in life other than eating, drinking and striving to survive. Finally he states that he found all the answers to his questions in the Qur’an and thus became a Muslim.

2010-05-24 01:23:22

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