Harun Yahya Representatives at the ‘Russia-Turkey Relations’ Conference

Harun Yahya representatives participated in a series of meetings at the panel with the title, “Assessment of Russia-Turkey Relations from an Economic Perspective” organized by Eurasian Talks Organization in Moscow between December 15-18, 2016.


In the panel, the topics of brotherhood among the believers, the struggle against Darwinism and materialism, and the Turkish-Russian relations were addressed, and the participants were introduced to the works of Adnan Oktar.


Rus siyasetçi Viladimir Jirinovski

The founder of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia and the renowned Russian politician of Jewish descent, Vladimir Zhirinovsky was presented with Adnan Oktar's works, the Atlas of Creation and the Evolution Deceit in Russian. An interview was also held with Zhirinovsky on behalf of A9 TV in the Russian Parliament Duma on Turkish-Russian relations.


Rusya başhahamı Berel Lazar

Berel Lazar, the Chief Rabbi of Russia since 2000, was presented with the Russian editions of Adnan Oktar's works, the Atlas of Creation and the Evolution Deceit. 


Rusya başhahamı Berel Lazar

Chief Rabbi Lazar is also the Chairman of the Federation of the Jewish Communities of Russia and a member of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation, which provides consultation for the Russian Parliament.


Rus hükümetine bağlı Dışişleri ve Savunma Konseyi Başkanı Fyodor Lukyanov

Fyodor Lukyanov, Chairman of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy affiliated with the Russian government, was presented with Adnan Oktar's book, the Atlas of Creation. Lukyanov is also the Editor-in-Chief of "Russia in Global Affairs," the Defense Council publication.


Moskova Varonej Kilisesi Başrahibi Dimitri Smirnov

Dimitri Smirnov, the Archpriest of the Moscow Varonej Church, known in Russia for his sermons, books and his delightful remarks about Muslims.

Mr. Smirnov, who manages an online radio and TV channel, hosted a program with Adnan Oktar's representatives on his channel.


 Rusya başhahamlığı yapmış olan AdolfShayevich

Rabbi Adolf Shayevich, Former Chief Rabbi of Russia


Tsar Grad TV Genel Müdürü Jack Hanning

Mr. Jack Hanning, General Manager of Tsar Grad TV in Russia

Jack Hanning, Chief Executive of Tsar Grad TV channel of Russia, which enjoys a large audience. In September 2016, Tsar Grad TV made a program titled "The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution" hosting the representatives of Adnan Oktar.


Pravda editörü Dimitri Sudakov

Dimitri Sudakov, editor of Pravda, expressed his appreciation about the impacts of Adnan Oktar’s works in Russia.


Moskova Devlet Üniversitesinde Ortadoğu Tarihi Bölüm Başkanı Dr. Mikhail Meyer

Dr. Mikhail Meyer, Head of the Department of Near and Middle Eastern History


T24 internet sitesi yazarı Hasan Aksay.

Mr. Hasan Aksay, Journalist in T24 Internet News Portal


 Gündem Avrasya dergisinin yayıncısı Hayreddin Aydınbaş

Mr. Hayreddin Aydınbaş, General Coordinator and Publisher of “Gündem Avrasya” Magazine published in Russia



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