Holy sites should be centers for reconciliation, not conflict

Holy sites should be centers for reconciliation, not conflict

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) became the subject of much debate after its controversial October 16, 2016 decision, which conflicts with its declared purpose, to recognize Jerusalem and its holy places only by its Muslim name: Al-Quds. Thus, the Jews’ 3,000-year and the Christians’ 2,000-year connection with the Holy City were erased.UNESCO, whose motto is "building peace in the minds of men and women," signed off on a political decision that fueled conflict. Despite significant efforts to prevent this historical mistake, sacred places are now tools for a propaganda war.

Vesti, an Israeli Rusian language daily newspaper based in Tel Aviv, published Adnan Oktar’s article. Vesti is Israel’s most widely read Russian-language paper.





2017-02-07 00:32:05

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