Why Are Deadly Industries Promoted?

Why Are Deadly Industries Promoted?

Tobacco is a downright poison. It has been poisoning people for 500 years. It destroys the societies’ capacity to cope, rendering them susceptible to exploitation, abuse and being ruled. Only a handful of oligarchs make profit from this bloody industry. 1.5 billion people endanger their lives for this substance. It is impossible for countries to single-handedly struggle against this poison dictate. What is needed is an alliance among politicians, statesmen, opinion leaders, clergymen, community leaders, non-governmental organizations and every person with a clear mind and conscience. Tobacco takes 20,000 new lives with each passing day. This is a struggle that cannot be delayed even for an hour.

Independent news portal American Herald Tribune published Harun Yahya’s article “Why Are Deadly Industries Promoted?” You may read this article at the below link.




2017-02-21 00:14:31

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