New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (7 September 2016)


Don't we all come to this world for merit? So, we earn merit. Those who say bad words lose their health, while those who are at the receiving end of bad words become healthier and more beautiful. In other words, the good health they would gain goes to believers, and the troubles and illnesses that would struck them goes to believers. Such is the system God established. Hence, Muslims enjoy the benefits. Those who use bad words suffer severe psychological distress and depression, lose their joy, enthusiasm, appetite, energy and strength; their spirits become devoid of excitement and love. They lose everyone's love and respect. They suffer a terrible devastation as all their pursuits become fruitless, inauspicious and doomed to failure. Thus, they suffer considerable harm and loss. For that reason, regarding those who are immoral, dishonorable, impertinent, irreverent, erratic, egoistical, selfish, estranged from love and mercy, those who have no fear and love of God, let alone love of their homeland, nation and flag, God says in the Quran, "Such people are like cattle. No, they are even further astray!"



Almighty God created the world as positive and negative. Negative and positive clash with each other, and God makes positive prevail over negative. The Mahdi movement is a positive power. Currently, the negative powers are largely active. God individually lists the names of the negative powers. There is dajjal, the most pivotal negative power. And then there are sufyans. There are 30 different dajjals, including sufyans. Qahtani is another one of the negative powers, a bloodshedder. Ceh Cah. What else? Hypocrites. What other names are given in the Qur'an as negative powers? There are Gog and Magog. The British deep state is the umbrella entity of the dajjal movement. The gang of nine. All of these are negative powers. We currently witness the negative powers' show of force in Turkey. The negative powers made a move on the 15th of this month. But, you should know that without negative, positive cannot exist. When that happens, the world becomes neutral. And when the world becomes neutral, the Day of Judgment comes. God does not let the world remain a neutral place. Neutrality is a system God will never approve. Positive must clash with negative and emerge victorious. There must be a constant clash between positive and negative. Such is the system God established. Now, the negative powers will emerge once again. But they will suffer successive defeats at the hands of the positive powers. This will be repeated every time the negative powers emerge, until finally the positive powers will ensure a decisive victory. The positive will prevail and the negative end up completely vanquished. In other words, antagonists will be vanquished. There is a clash between protagonists and antagonists. People want the antagonists to be eliminated as soon as possible. "Now that they are eliminated, we will live in peace." There is no such thing. Antagonists will never be completely eliminated, as God creates them so that protagonists make progress. Antagonists will never be completely eliminated for people's welfare. Negative emerges so that protagonists prevail. Therefore, negative will always be active and on the move. This activity will escalate in the upcoming days. Perhaps in 4 or 5 months, negative powers will become active again and will remain constantly active. This will take place in about a few months. What God aims is to make the positive powers prevalent. But if you pay attention, governments are trying to stop the negative forces as soon as possible. However, negative never stops; it carries out its duty until the positive powers prevails. Indeed, negative is a malicious power, but it paves the way for the reign of positive. For example, the PKK is an entity that is essential for the establishment of the reign of Islam. Without the PKK, we would live in peace but within a neutral system. The PKK paves the way for the positive powers to thrive, for the formation of the Islamic Unity, and for the appearance of Mahdi (as). It is the same for the coup attempt [of July 15th] and the British deep state, as they conduce towards the appearance of Mahdi (as). This is not what they want, but this is what happens all the same.

2017-07-24 19:43:40

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