New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (30 September 2016)


The British deep state used to do as they would please. It managed to kept itself hidden for two, nay, three centuries. This is such an outstanding ability for such a huge entity as the world deep state to remain concealed and face any complications in that regard. This is the first time in history that they are publicly disgraced. This is the first time in the three centuries of the British deep state history. What would happen if the deep state did not exist? What would happen if the British deep state did not exist? The Mahdi movement would not exist either. Islam would not become prevalent in the world. The world would have been overcome by widespread apathy and negligence. The traditionalist Orthodox Islam would persist through suffering and anguish. This is God's way of bringing radical changes. First, He gives rise to the deep state. For example, God had the deep state of Pharaoh established before He raised the Prophet Moses (pbuh). He had the deep state of Nimrod established before He raised the Prophet Abraham (pbuh). He had the deep state of Caesar's Rome established before He raised the Prophet Jesus Messiah (pbuh). The Roman deep state existed during the time of the Messenger of God (saas) as well. Now, Rome has moved to London, where the headquarters of the world deep state lies. It really used to lie in Rome. The deep state was ruled from there. Now, they have moved the headquarters to London. What good will this do? It will usher in the coming of Mahdi (as) and the appearance of Jesus Messiah (pbuh). God does not need any of these. The deep state holds no significance for God. It is just another ordinary power that God created. All power and might is God's to bestow. He will raise His Mahdi and we will take it normally. The deep state will fall and we will take that normally, too. The appearance of Jesus Messiah might stir excitement among the public -albeit as much as a public rally does- but that too will be taken normally. It will certainly lead to a collective excitement, but it will not have the same effect on a personal level as people will not be obliged to have faith in him, that is as a Prophet. Because he will come as a member of the Islamic community, not on a Prophetic duty. So, his coming will generate a public excitement. Moreover, the Ark of the Covenant will be found. That will spark another public excitement. The discovery of the Ark of the Covenant will generate at least as much excitement as the appearance of Mahdi (as and the coming of Jesus Messiah (pbuh). No stone of the Pyramids will be left unturned until the Ark has been found.



There is a giant statue in Egypt as you know. What is it called? The Sphinx. It has been constructed before the Pyramids. It is the oldest-standing structure among them. The Sphinx contains secret chambers. What these chambers hold within is unknown. They remain unexplored. A colossal statue made of stone with a sealed interior. No one knows what lies inside. It will be opened. The Sphinx holds a worldful of secrets. The Pyramids are brimming to the full with documents. They hold many chambers that are yet to be opened. These rooms will be opened and the untouched sections of the Pyramids will be ventured. The ancient ruins of Nimrod. The Nimrod's tomb will be opened. It has remained sealed for thousands of years. It has never been opened before. Nimrod was truly cunning. He had his tomb built atop a mountain using huge stones. How many empires and lineages has risen and fallen since then? And all of those empires were strong ones. None has attempted to open that tomb. Because, the entire tomb will collapse upon them. No one who enters there would come out alive. Because when you pull what is beneath, it collapses. So what to do? It cannot be entered from above. There is nothing left to do. This is why it has waited this long to be opened. It requires the power of a state. Who will open it? Again, Hazrat Mahdi (as). Let me tell you that a gigantic mason temple will be uncovered underneath it. Because Nimrod was one of the well-known masons of his era. All the rocks, stones and statues he had had placed in his garden are masonic. It is buried inside a gigantic mason temple. It contains hundreds, thousands of documents dating back to the time of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh). We will find and recover all these relics, insha'Allah.

2017-08-01 23:07:46

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