Autotrophy Nonsense, the

Since all living organisms need food to survive, then the first living thing must have had to make its own food. According to this view, the first living thing capable of producing its own nourishment was an autotrophic one, and other living things then emerged from this organism.

However, it is impossible for autotrophs to emerge as in the hostile and simple conditions in early days of this Earth. Autotrophs would have to undergo millions of years of changes in order to acquire their first complex structure.

The autotrophic view maintains that the first living thing formed as a complex organism in a simple environment. Yet rather than account for the organism’s appearance, it actually explains how this first living thing fed. Since the theory fails to account for how the first autotroph came into being, it received little support.51

51 Ozer Bulut, Davut Sagdic, Selim Korkmaz, Lise Biyoloji 3 (“High School Biology 3”), Istanbul: MEB Press, 2000, p. 183. 2009-08-12 17:37:39

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