On what basis does God choose His prophets?

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated October 18th, 2017

I am really curious about on what basis does God choose His prophets?

You are a strong, young man, Masha'Allah. May God further enhance your beauty, your handsomeness.

May He guide you on the right path. May God grant you His heaven. On what basis does God choose?

Besides, the person He chooses is of His Soul. In other words, the beautiful creation called 'prophet' is a body that …

… contains God's Soul. He is not an alien entity. Let us say that the prophet is a part of God's Own Soul.

Therefore, Him choosing Hazrat Mahdi (as), Jesus Messiah (pbuh)... But let's think of it this way.

We can take the question in terms of personality. For example, why does God choose Hazrat Mahdi (as)?

Because he has been an innocent, well-intentioned and sincere person since his childhood.

This is how he seems from the outside. But he too was created by God in this way.

For example, our Prophet (saas) had been innocent, childish, sweet, well-intentioned and completely honest since he was a child.

He was as sincere as one can be. So, God chose him as His prophet. But, that is how God had created him to be.

He was different from all other kids, he would never mingle with other children.

Normally, one would expect a child to act otherwise. In fact, sometimes children say swear words, bicker and fight among each other.

Our Prophet (saas) never did such things when he was child. He was always alone, always polite, …

…always well-mannered, always level-headed. He was the chosen of God. God says, …

…"The choice is Mine alone." It is a soul from His soul. It is a soul from God's soul.

2018-06-19 00:48:03

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