True love is a deep and glorious feeling

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated February 31st, 2018

VTR: Is love hypnotizing?

ADNAN OKTAR: That is a characteristic of love. Intense passion brings about a hypnosis-like effect. It takes the person under its sway. All five senses are for love. The sixth higher sense is the instinct, and the seventh one is the ultimate goal. Love is the most fundamental emotion and purpose for the people. Everything revolves around love. Therefore, those who delve into the deep ocean of love feel like hypnosis. Passion turns them virtually crazy. For example, Uwais al-Qarani loved the Messenger of God (saas) deeply. So did Hazrat Abu Bakr (ra). He was truly enamored with the Messenger of God (saas).  But when one loves a woman, all senses come into play and this creates an extremely intense emotion. This is called 'passion' and it is a blessing of heaven bestowed by God. Only the believers who have a profound faith can attain it. And words utterly fail to describe this feeling. The person gets charmed with such high form of love with God's will and His favor.

2018-07-05 00:04:29

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