Splendor in the seas

There’s an incredibly wide range of life to be found on Earth. Millions of animals, plants, and insects live together in harmony on this blue planet.

Such a wide range of life can only exist with the simultaneous existence of a large number of intricate balances. The distance of the Earth from the Sun, the angle of its axis, the speed at which it rotates, the components of its atmosphere, and the water which covers three-quarters of its surface, are just a few of the building blocks of this sensitive equilibrium.

The seas, which cover a large part of the Earth are an indispensable part of the equilibrium of Earth. Many events in the atmosphere, from rain to the formation of wind to the climate, are made possible by the existence of the seas.

Furthermore, the seas play host to billions of forms of life. This variety, which reigns hundreds, or even thousands, of meters under the sea, is just as astounding as that on the surface. These beauties in the undersea world spread Allah’s incomparable creation, with all its systems, out before our eyes.

From fish to sea plants, from shell creatures to giant whales, from dolphins to planktons, innumerable forms of life make up part of this flawless part of the Earth. In this film, only a few examples of the amazing life under the sea are described. But even these few examples, from how these creatures find oxygen to their food, from their bodily structures to where they shelter, in short every detail, reveal that they have been created exactly suited to their needs. Because their Creator is the same as that of the environment they live in.

That Creator is the Most Glorious Allah, Who knows everything on the land and in the sea down to the very tiniest detail.



2010-01-14 18:48:01

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