How can we deal with familiarity? II

The presence of technology alone is an extremely important instrument in making one think about Allah’s existence. Along with many other wisdoms, Allah created man weak and in need to make him realize that this world is not a place to be attached to and to make him constantly turn to the Hereafter.  However, each weakness is in itself a miracle. Along with these weaknesses, it is also Allah Who meets man’s needs and presents the materials that remove these weaknesses. Although a person may not have faith in Allah, he may consider the birth of a child miraculous. However, having no faith, the common nail clippers may not bring about the same excitement within that person. He may not think that Allah created such a tool that he sees everyday in his bathroom and uses now and again. After all, he may think that it is a simple tool that is sold in almost every pharmacy and sometimes thrown away due to wear and rust. In the Qur’an it is related that people fail to grasp faith although they see its signs all around thus: 

And how many Signs in the heavens and the Earth do they pass by? Yet they turn (their faces) away from them! (Surah Yusuf : 105)

The fact is however, the One Who makes your nail grow and gives you the tools to cut them is Allah. If a person's nails didn't grow, we would never know what a nail clipper was. Furthermore, it would occur to no one that he would need such a tool. However, Allah creates your nail with such a feature and makes people feel the need for a tool. Then, He inspires someone to design and produce that tool. Because Allah creates everything on such grounds as a requisite of His trial, such stages exist. Or else, Allah is not in need of these stages. Allah puts man to trial to see whether he believes that everything comes from Him, that He is the sole power that creates everything or he mistakenly thinks that it is the cells that create a baby, it is the engineers who construct a building, and the seeds that make up a vegetable and hence attach divinity to causes (Surely Allah is beyond that).

With His infinite knowledge, Allah already knows everything. He knows who will have faith or not. The sole purpose of all these is to put man to trial. Our All-Mighty Allah makes His infinite mercy, His compassion to and interest in His servants manifest in every detail of their lives. Believers who are able to see these beauties in the creation of our Lord will, by Allah’s leave, be created in a form purified from all these incapability.

2010-03-21 16:33:00

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