Insensitivity, apathy and indifference are scourges from Satan and to be avoided by Muslims

Insensitivity, apathy and indifference are attitudes evoking appreciation and respect in the society of the ignorant. People in such societies regard the ability to remain cold-blooded and unmoved in the face of events that should really stir their consciences as a great virtue. However, this is not a state of calmness stemming from moderation and behaving rationally in order to avoid panic. It is rather a cold-bloodedness stemming from people showing that they are totally indifferent.

In addition, this insensitivity, apathy, indifference and lack of sympathy are a state that numb people both physically and mentally and lead to sickness. In the same way that vivacity and enthusiasm bestow good health, so insensitivity and apathy may end in sickness.

Vivacity predominates in Muslim character. The distinguishing feature of the believer is that he is highly responsive and sensitive to the events that befall him, the words he hears and the behavior he encounters. A believer knows that apathy and indifference in the face of situations calling for an active response are incompatible with good conscience and fear of Allah. This verse from the Qur’an, “Our Lord, we heard a caller calling us to faith: ‘Believe in your Lord!’ and we believed…” (Surah Al ‘Imran, 193) reveal this attribute of believers. Immediate reaction, immediate response and immediate action are important qualities of believers. Qur’anic moral values can only be lived with vivacity, enthusiasm and excitement. A lively, active soul can be a role model for Muslims. Competing to do good is only possible by ridding oneself of apathy and indifference. This ethical model may be instrumental, Allah willing, in one’s attaining a good end in the Hereafter.

2008-11-02 06:10:30

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