The bloody history of fascism - 2

Fascism is an ideology that has wreaked the most terrible destruction.
It has led to the deaths and torture of millions of people simply because of their race, as well as to the tragedy of the World War II. Everywhere it has raised its head it has sought to eliminate all human values by creating a “society of fear.”
Today it is manifested as a widespread regime in Latin American and African countries in particular, and in the Western world by growing racist tendencies and neo-Nazi organizations.
Fascist culture is also spreading onto the streets in a great many countries, and is producing barbarian groups that delight in violence and bloodshed.
A worldwide “intellectual struggle against fascism” is therefore essential. If fascism is to be eliminated, then paganism and such myths as the Darwinist concept of “conflict” and Darwinist racism must first be overcome in the intellectual sphere.
In order for that to happen, people need to be taught such basic moral concepts as love, affection, compassion, modesty, tolerance and justice, and these need to be propagated widely.
The source of all these concepts is the Qur’an.
While fascism incites people to war, violence, bloodshed and racism, the moral values of the Qur’an commanded by God represent the foundations of a world filled with peace and security.
2008-08-27 17:37:18

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