You are approaching an inescapable truth

God creates human beings through a chain of miracles. From a single cell emerges a seeing, hearing, feeling and thinking human being, capable of enjoyment. Babies are innocent and free of sin; the sweetness and innocence in their faces stemming from that lack of sin evokes enormous feelings of affection. As people grow older, however, their consciousness awakens. The time has come to tell the difference between good and evil. From that stage on, the years pass very fast. Primary school, high school and university go by in a rush followed by business and family life: One looks back and realizes that 40, the age of maturity, has come and gone. Three decades ago one was a child oneself, but now one has children of one’s own. Then in another two decades grandchildren start appearing. Human life passes as fast as that. Everyone, looking back, can remember 80 years of life in a matter of seconds. A full 29,200 days have gone by in the blink of an eye. The body that was once upright, strong and full of life is now weak, bent, wearied and finds it hard to remain on its feet. Is there any way of escaping this? NO. Everyone who has ever lived has come to the same end, an end that is inescapable for everyone living today too. It is impossible not to realize that the life of this world comes and goes. The way that people grow old is concrete evidence reminding us that this world is a temporary place. Everyone who grows old will die when the time comes and leave behind everything he or she possesses in this world. He will have to leave all his possessions, his house, his car, his children, his job, everything, even his own body, never to return.

It is so shortsighted and such a waste of time to strive with such passion and fervor for a world one will have to leave behind, while never even thinking of the existence of the life that one will live for all time. It is still not too late for those people watching this film now to think rationally and escape that lack of reflection. With a moment’s decision, you can turn to God and live in a peaceful and honorable way in this world and in the eternal life that follows.

2014-09-24 11:58:22

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