The world must rally together to help children in dire straits

Parents dote on their children; they use every means available for their happiness, health and peace. This, of course, is a beautiful, as well as a reasonable attitude. What is surprising is that while these people cherish their own children, they completely ignore other children who live in difficulties.


Indeed, as you watch this film, a large number of children throughout the world are struggling to hold on to life fraught with dangers and hardships.

They become the target of bombs in the ongoing wars and conflicts.

They drown at sea while trying to reach European shores while fleeing from war.

They live in misery in poor South Asian or African countries, often devoid of adequate food, clean water, basic health and education services.

They are forced to marry at a young age or to work as slaves in hard labour.

They are frequently exposed to violence from their family or friends…

According to a recent report of UNICEF, if necessary precautions are not taken today it is estimated that by the year 2030, probably 69 million children under the age of five will die, and 167 million will live in extreme poverty, while 60 million on primary school age will not be able to go to school.

Conscientious people can never consent to or remain indifferent to such a nightmare or endure it resignedly. Urgently lending a helping hand is of vital importance. 

When the issue of helping indigent children comes up, generally the first thing to be mentioned is the difficulty in procuring funds. However, the required financial support can easily be provided by the developed Western countries and wealthy Muslim states. A very small portion of the amount that the developed and developing countries currently allocate to armaments would be more than enough to solve this problem.


Even a modest 5% of the defence expenditures of the US would ensure that 66 million children on the brink of starvation can be provided with adequate and healthy nutrition. Or just six days of the military spending of the rich countries would send all the children in the world to school to receive their primary education. 


In other words, finding the funds to finance the solution is actually not at all difficult.

Additionally, preparing laws by taking child-related issues into consideration is a matter that must be addressed as well. Children should be provided with free healthcare and basic education; measures should be taken to meet their needs and their rights should be protected. 

The primary problem is the terrible inequality, injustice, selfishness and lack of love we see all around the world: These are the real cause of the misery and deep suffering of millions of children. Therefore, the rich countries must put aside the relentless spirit of savage capitalism; they should act in accordance with the good values they advocate such as equality, brotherhood, justice, love and solidarity.

Undoubtedly, indigent children also need emotional support. This is often a neglected aspect of the solution. For a thoroughgoing solution, they should be embraced and protected with love. They should be held dear and respected. It is necessary to inform children — and youth in general — against the falsity of savage capitalism, communism and other harmful ideologies, and to teach them about love. 

Everyone must contribute to the well-being, happiness and joy of children who are in fact the safeguards of our future and work with all their strength to avoid raising “lost generations”.



2017-01-23 09:44:55

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