Interview with lawyer, Mr. Marco who became a Muslim afer reading Mr. Adnan Oktar's books

Gencay: Good evening from A9 Channel, Istanbul. We are here in Lugano. Our guest Marco, who is a lawyer, will answer some questions about Mr. Adnan Oktar and his books. First question for you: what do you think of the work done by Mr. Adnan Oktar all over the world and what do you think about his books?

Marco: I had the honor of meeting Mr. Adnan Oktar personally, even if it was only for a short time. I have read some of his books and I can say that he is a man who is successfully trying to spread truths regardless of any religion. These are scientific truths which stem from science; they prove the falsity of Darwin’s theory. It is clear that the theory of Darwin denies itself; for decades, they have been spreading it saying that it was the truth, so that many things have been hidden or not explained.

Gencay: In your opinion, how did we come to this? They did not want to confess the truth worldwide. They wanted to teach the theory of Darwin at schools in Europe and worldwide ferociously. Why?

Marco: In my opinion, they did it on purpose, in order to hide scientific truths. Many scientific evidences tell us that there must be a Creator and men do not descend from the monkey. Only Allah knows the reason why and that proves the existence of a God and a Creator as well.

Gencay: So, what can we do to promote and bring the truth to our Christian brothers in the West? 

Marco: We need to tell the truth and speak from our heart. We have to show that science disavows Darwinism and this has nothing to do with religion, also with the help of Adnan Oktar’s books. We have to say that we are now at a stage of our existence where the Enlightenment and the intent of hiding truths are clear to everyone. History shows that there are phases; in this phase of our existence, the truth is deliberately hidden. Mr. Oktar and his friends are a group of people who want to spread the truth and talk to people from their heart, in order to make people understand that the truth is different, and that we and our children have been hearing lies for decades.

Gencay: In this path of truth, what convinced you to see the truth?

Marco: I do not know. Allah convinced me; He wanted me to see things I did not want to see before. Surely in the Qur’an and in the Bible there are scientific evidences of the existence of a Creator, and that has been an important signal for me. It all stemmed from my observation that it would [otherwise be] impossible that a text which was written 1400 years ago could contain scientific truth; [I realized that] if this text is true, then everything is true. Furthermore, every day a person realizes the existence of God. I come from a Catholic Christian world and it is clear that our fathers have taught us a Western truth since they themselves have been taught untrue concepts.

Gencay: As a Muslim, what do you think we should do to bring peace, love and brotherhood among peoples?

Marco: It is a difficult question. We clearly have to say that war should not exist and there must be peace among all people, Christians or Muslims; a person should do his best and may God guide us [the right path] before we reach the point of no return [death].

Gencay: Do you think that after this morality [in the world] love will finally come?

Marco: InshAllah, if God wills.

Gencay: We would like to thank Marco, our lawyer friend, from Lugano. We thank you all. Good night.

2017-12-20 22:51:12

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