Dr. Bernard Brandstater: “we Must Educate Our Children from the Early Years to Believe in God as Creator”

PRESENTER: I have one more question; it's very natural for kids to believe in a creator at a young age. That's why we notice this beautiful decorations and also the signs here specifically, very clear say that 'God made you, God is for you, God will always love you" and this, in a child's upbringing is very important. Can you maybe elaborate little bit more on the children and how this is very important for them to understand that there is a Creator.

Dr. BERNARD BRANDSTATER: We believe in our church here and 7th Day Adventists everywhere also believe that we must educate our children from the early years to believe in God as Creator as you were saying. So, by the time they get into high school, and into the league teams, when they are facing lots of media, and reports and newspapers and magazines and television put on by journalists who don’t believe in God. You don’t read much about faith and belief in God. Not in our newspapers today. But, our conviction is if you can convince them and get them settled in their convictions by age about fourteen, those convictions stay with them and they don’t easily get shaken.

PRESENTER: Yes, I would fully agree. I was talking with Dr. Leonard earlier and he mentioned a research that was on psychology and how children when they're young, they naturally tend to believe in God. They understand that the world that they are in was created. They are naturally not, not-believing, it is their natural tendency to believe in a creator so it's very interesting also that you mention about that.

2017-08-18 22:35:40

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