Ramadan 2014, The 4th Day

Obey Allah and His Messenger and do not quarrel among yourselves lest you lose heart and your momentum disappear. And be steadfast. Allah is with the steadfast. (Surat al-Anfal, 46)

Tabarani relates from Amr ibn Ali Tariqi and. Ali b. Ebi Talib in the Evsad: Hazrat Ali (ra) asked the Prophet (saas) “O Messenger of Allah, is Hazrat Mahdi (as) one of us, or is he not?”  He replied: He is certainly one of us. In the same way Almighty Allah began Islam with me, so he will end it with him. In the same way that they were freed from polytheism and enmity and friendhsip and love entered their hearts through me, so it will be again (with the coming of Hazrat Mahdi [as]).  (Al-Muttaqi al-Hindi, Al-Burhan fi Alamat al-Mahdi Akhir az-Zaman, p. 23)

People should emphasize on love all around the world. People are loveless in general. This is a great scourge. And people are very unhappy. I mean this is a national disaster.  This is a national disaster for Turkey and also it is a national disaster for every other country. I mean this is a calamity. You know that states make declarations for   disaster areas; the whole world should in fact be declared as the disaster area. Lovelessness is a great pain. Insecurity is a great pain. How is it acceptable for people to be afraid of each other? People are afraid of each other, that is a disgrace. People should love each other with enthusiasm. They should love each other with affection. They should love animals, they should love flowers, they should love each other. They are to love the mountains, they are to love meadows, they are to love the scenery, they are to love the technical equipment. All these are beauties, Allah creates them all for us. But fear is running rampant in the whole world. Pain goes the rounds in the whole world. People cannot trust each other. For instance people get engaged to be married and remain engaged for three years. And they still cannot get to know each other properly. They get married and in six months they get divorced and they say that they did not recognize each other correctly. They play games. Of course just kneeling and giving flowers would not work in such things. These are all related with wisdom and conscience, they are related with profundity.

Not To Hesitate In Trusting Muslims…

A mother has an understanding of intense compassion towards her child who is completely unaware and defenseless in the face of the dangers around.  Allah makes this feeling of compassion He bestowed on mothers means for the protection of people from the moment they are born. And that feeling of compassion in humans is a manifestation of Allah's name; All-Merciful, Most-Merciful.

Allah had created this feeling of intense compassion, mothers feel towards their children, also in animals in a similar manner. Science is observing the self-sacrificing acts of animals in protecting their whelps in awe and admiration. Of course Allah had created various lessons and examples for man in such behaviors of animals.

"Motherly compassion" is an important measure and example for the understanding of compassion people should feel for each other. Just like a mother who cannot show interest, concern and compassion to a defenseless child only from time to time and leave him alone "to take care of himself" at other times; just like her giving the priority to her child everywhere at all times; this behavior should be the foundation of an ideal understanding of compassion. The compassion people feel for each other should be just like a mother's unflinching and measureless self-sacrifice for her child; just like her putting her child's comfort, peace and needs above her own. The mercy people feel for each other should be as powerful as a mother's, who no matter how hard the conditions she is in are; even in her most tired, sleepless, weakest, most ill, most intense and busiest times; never compromises from this compassion and diligence.

However such a powerful understanding of compassion is of course a feeling that can only be lived with the "fear of Allah". It is Allah Who, for the protection of children, guides mothers by inspiring this feeling of compassion towards their children in them. Yet in order to sustain this understanding of compassion for a lifetime and to forward this to all humans, this person should fear Allah and act in compliance with the morality of the Qur'an.

People who do not have faith, can only display such a powerful morality of compassion towards people with whom they have a connection of interest; that is towards people who they think will provide an interest for them now or in the future. And they can only sustain this temporarily.

Muslims on the other hand can live compassion and mercy as a part of their personalities all through their lives. They adopt the "motherly compassion" Allah shows us as an example, as a trait of their characters. They adopt a manner towards Muslims around them that is much more protective than the diligence a mother shows to her child. They love and respect their Muslim brothers as their friends, companions and families and they never fail in respect for them. However as they act compassionately; they adopt a meticulous morality just like a mother satisfying all the needs, distress and expectations of her child even before they are voiced. They put others' problems, needs, troubles ahead of their own. They never make concessions from protecting their Muslim brothers even in most difficult times.

However the "motherly compassion" should of course not be perceived as putting that person in the place of a child and assuming a more experienced, wiser, more knowing manner towards that person. This understanding of compassion is a morality that is displayed completely in a humble and modest manner. Sometimes the person to approach with the compassion of a mother might be senior than that person himself. The important part here is to be in a very self-sacrificing and tactful manner in protecting and coddling that person and in satisfying his needs with great precision, without making it felt.

This "motherly compassion" seen in Muslims is a very important indication of the love devout people feel for each other. That is because only a person who loves solely for the approval of Allah without getting in any kind of expectation, can show such a high morality. Consequently, showing this morality continuously -without discriminating any person- towards all Muslims is at the same time an important indication which shows that person is a sincere believer.

In the Qur'an, Allah revealed the following about the understanding of compassion Muslims should show to each other:

Do not direct your eyes longingly to what We have given certain of them to enjoy. Do not feel sad concerning them. And take the believers under your wing. (Surat al-Hijr, 88)

The Evolution Deceit What Darwınists Never Realize

1-Darwinists never realize that the odds of proteins emerging from left-handed amino acids only are 1 in 10210, that the probability of such a thing happening is equivalent to “zero,” and that this cannot have come about by chance.

2-Darwinists never realize how amino acids, made up of unconscious atoms with no ability to see or hear, are able to constitute proteins, which are essential for life and possess the most perfect structures.

3-Darwinists never realize that the amino acids they claim came into existence by chance know how to assume the correct sequence for each protein and do this in an error-free manner.

4-Darwinists never realize how the atoms in the minuscule protein molecule are arranged according to a blueprint and design, how they fold and bend in the light of these, and how this special structure is determined for each and every protein.

5-Darwinists never realize why the nerve cell, which they claim came into being as the result of blind coincidences, should feel the need to convert a scent into an electrical signal.

6-Darwinists never realize how the brain, they maintain emerged by chance, functions without interruption, ad with no nerves tangling.

7-Darwinists never realize how the atoms, they maintain behave in a random manner, come to constitute the tear gland.

8-Darwinists never realize how the eyebrows, which they claim formed as the result of unconscious processes, consciously decide to stop growing once they have reached a particular length.

9-Darwinists never realize how the eyelashes, which they claim formed by chance, stop growing in a conscious manner once a specific length has been reached, and yet how the hair continues growing.

10-Darwinists never realize how the body decides to halt production when the level of iron rises, how it is able to behave in an intelligent manner, and how that intelligence can never be explained by the theory of evolution in any way whatsoever.


Our Prophet’s (Saas) Addresses To Hazrat Mahdi (As)

Hazrat Mahdi (as) is the peacock (adornment) of the Paradise. (Bihar al-Anwar, Vol 51, p. 105)

Hazrat Mahdi (as), one of my children, comes into being, by the blessing of Allah, upon the approach of the Day of Judgment; the weakening of the believers' hearts because of death, hunger, fitnah and the disappearance of the Sunnah; and the emergence of innovations and the loss of means by which to enjoin the right and forbid the wrong. His justice and prosperity will ease the believers' hearts, and friendship and love will settle between the non-Arab and the Arab nations. (Al-Muttaqi al-Hindi, Al-Burhan fi Alamat al-Mahdi Akhir az-Zaman, p. 66)

Imam Hussain (as)'is reported as saying: “When Hazrat Mahdi (as) appears, people will not recognize him. Then HE [HAZRAT MAHDI (AS)] WILL COME HAVING A BEAUTIFUL VISAGE...” (Iqdud Durar, p. 41)

A MAN CALLED AL-HARITH IBN HARRATH (LION) WILL COME FORTH FROM MA WARA AN-NAHR (TRANSOXIANA). His army will be led by a man called Mansur who will establish or consolidate things for Muhammad's family as Quraysh consolidated them for the Messenger of Allah (saas). Every believer must help him(Sunan Abu Dawud, Book 36, 4277;Narrated Ali ibn AbuTalib;At-Taj al-jami' lil 'usul fi ahadith al-Rasul, Mansur 'Ali Nasif, Vol. 5, p. 617)


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