Allah has created the world people watch in a space no bigger than a lentil

The cover story of the 7 February, 2009, issue of New Scientist magazine appeared under the caption “Born Believers.” The article, which attempted to correlate belief in Allah (God) with the theory of evolution, which claimed that human beings possess the attribute of belief in Allah through a characteristic inherited from their supposed forebears, and that listed countless Darwinist accounts in order to back that claim up, in fact represented another despairing effort on the part of Darwinists, who have already been comprehensively defeated. The text, which soon received local press coverage as well, attempted to portray the predisposition to believe in Allah from birth as a result of natural selection and, furthermore, made the hollow and irrational claim, on the basis of these accounts, that it developed belief in Allah in the human brain. (Allah is beyond this)
The fact is that this article, shaped by false Darwinist descriptions, is nothing more than a last desperate attempt to resuscitate their failed theory. 
Our Lord says in one verse:

We created man from a mingled drop to test him, and We made him hearing and seeing. We guided him on the Way, whether he is thankful or unthankful. (Surat al-Insan, 2-3)
Everyone, Believers and Unbelievers, Is Tested in This World

The life of this world has been created as a test of people’s good and bad deeds, and in which the good are distinguished from the wicked. All people at all periods of history have been warned by true scriptures and true prophets, and have come to know the Sublime Power that created them. Everyone with a sound mind is responsible for his actions from the moment he grasps the concept of Allah. And everyone has a responsibility to believe in Allah, Who created them, and to give thanks to and serve the Creator, and everyone is therefore tested throughout the course of their lives.

Therefore, choice in this environment of test is down to the individual’s own conscience. There is evident proof of the existence of a Creator when one looks at the world. All created things make it clear that this sublime Creator is very great and mighty, and capable of doing anything. One’s conscience reveals the truth of this. Everyone who heeds the voice of his conscience therefore submits to Allah, without a moment’s doubt. They understand the secret of the test in this world and live solely in order to earn Allah’s approval.
A child can easily see, of course, that the things he sees around him cannot have come into being by chance and that they were all created by a Sublime and Almighty Creator for a deliberate purpose. Because with a pure mind unpolluted by perverted ideas they quickly realize, despite their youth, that the cats, flowers, sky and friends they see around them could never come into existence by chance. This stems from their looking at the world in an honest manner, free from preconceptions, not as claimed in the article because “they have been conditioned by way of natural selection,” as evolutionists put it, or because they are “searching to believe in supernatural forces.” People who refuse to see this truth that even children can immediately grasp are denying the existence of Allah on the basis of no evidence whatsoever. 
The Facts That Deniers Are Aware of But Refuse to Admit

Those who deny the existence of Allah are in fact well aware that belief in Allah is not a form of belief manufactured in the brain (Allah is beyond this). All these people know perfectly well that they do not inhabit a random world created by chance, and that such a thing is impossible. They are well aware of the perfect creation in the world, that this cannot be explained in terms of chance, that there is a purpose behind life and death and that the idea of coming from nothing and heading toward oblivion and of a world formed by chance is a truly terrifying one. They are also conscious of the fact that Allah has warned people by true scriptures and true prophets and that they have not been created haphazardly, but are responsible for all their actions in this world.
Moreover, these people have realized that the bright, vivid and lively world around them exists in a space inside their brains no larger than a lentil; that cars, people, countries, the sky and everything are created in this lentil-sized area. Twenty-first century science has proven that they can never have direct experience of the originals on the outside and that they perceive a world that forms in that space the size of a single lentil. They know that it is the SOUL, independent of their bodies, that sees, hears, understands, perceives, speaks, laughs, rejoices and misses. The existence of the soul, an entirely metaphysical entity and under the total control of our Lord, demolishes all accounts based on the idea of absolute matter. AND THIS REVEALS THE ABSOLUTE, DEFINITIVE AND SUBLIME EXISTENCE OF ALLAH, OUR ALMIGHTY LORD.

For that reason, (Allah is beyond this) all suggestions to the effect that belief in Allah is a belief produced by the mind are entirely false and perverted.

The intention behind such articles is this; those who are fighting against belief in Allah are actually well aware of our Almighty Lord’s greatness, might and sublimity. But in order to oppose the increasing turning toward religion across the world they try to give the impression that sacred values are some kind of natural phenomenon. In this way, they attempt to give the impression that there is some validity to the theory of evolution and to the idea that faith consists of information arising in the mind. But in doing this, they are being tested in the same environment as everyone else is being tested.
Our Lord sees and watches them. They will inevitably be faced with the fact of the Hereafter, while claiming that people manufacture belief in Allah in their own minds. At that time, those who deny the existence of Allah and who doubted the existence of the Hereafter, those who thought that “the truth consists solely of the life of this world,” will suddenly realize that their true abode is in the Hereafter. Almighty Allah reveals in another verse:

Allah will judge with truth; and those you call upon apart from Him will not judge with anything at all. It is Allah Who is the All-Hearing, the All-Seeing. (Surah Ghafir, 20)
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