Dawkins is desperately trying to deceive young children

Following the revelation of 100 million fossils all proving the fact of Creation, the atheist Richard Dawkins retreated into a profound silence.  He saw and was alarmed how these fossils that Darwinists had tried to conceal for so many years had totally demolished Darwinism. He then watched, in a state of terrible panic, as the Atlas of Creation, in which many of these fossils were pictured, spread across the world. He exhibited the same panic in the face of how people began to abandon Darwinism en masse. So much so that he had no compunction about calling his own countrymen “ignorant” when it emerged that 75% of people in Britain, his home country, say that “Allah (God) created living things.”[1] He commenced crude attacks on the Atlas of Creation and Adnan Oktar. He imagined that this technique, rather than science, would work to his advantage, but he was wrong.

In the face of all these developments, Adnan Oktar invited Richard Dawkins, who had no response to give to all the scientific evidence, to a face-to-face meeting.  Dawkins was told that his own evidence, if he had any, would be compared with that in the Atlas of Creation, and that the meeting could take place anywhere of his choosing. In addition, Adnan Oktar’s challenge to the whole world was also to apply to Richard Dawkins; a prize of 10 trillion new Turkish Lira was to be given to anyone coming up with a single transitional fossil.

BUT DAWKINS REJECTED ALL THESE CALLS. “I have vowed not to debate with Creationists,” he said.

While it is unclear just what Dawkins, who does not believe in Allah, actually swore by, his words in effect meant “I admit defeat.” 

In despair, Dawkins is now reduced to DEBATING WITH CHILDREN on the documentary film he produced for Darwin called The Genius of Charles Darwin. Fearful of and having rejected Adnan Oktar’s calls for a debate, he is now attempting to deceive middle school children.  But students are much more aware than Dawkins imagines. Despite all Dawkins’ atheist propaganda, they still strongly defend the fact that Allah created them and all living things and adopt a highly rational position.

The method Dawkins uses to try and win over these highly aware students is interesting: Dawkins takes them to a coastal fossil bed and tries to convince them with the fossils there.  And, what is more, with fossils belonging to perfect life forms and dating back many millions of years... One fossil is a perfectly formed AMMONITE, also dating back millions of years. In the documentary, Dawkins tries to mislead the students with this fossil into believing that living things descended from one another by stages. In the same way that nobody else in the world can be taken in any longer, however, neither are the students fooled by Dawkins’ deception.

Since he is unable to confront the true scientific evidence, Dawkins is now trying to deceive children. But he has failed here, too. Because Darwinism is such an illogical, groundless and ignorant theory that even children find it ridiculous. If Dawkins really had any confidence in himself and his false theory, he should oppose the scientific evidence proving the fact of Creation with scientific evidence of his own.  The invitation is still open. But he can never do that, of course. Because Darwinism is the worst disgrace to science, the worst lie and the worst nonsense of the century. And the whole world is aware of that. Dawkins’ efforts are all in vain. Not even children believe in the discredited theory of evolution any more. 

[1] Guardian, 2 February 2009, Riazat Butt, "Only 25% of Britons believe on Darwin’s theory of evolution”
2009-03-09 23:11:08

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