The attempt to equate Islam with evolution is a passive, helpless, defeatist and meaningless one

Darwinism denies the existence and oneness of Allah (God) and the responsibility of all people to our Lord. The foundation of materialism and the movements that it represents are incompatible with religious moral values. For that reason-out of their ideological concerns-, Darwinism's adherents are still making efforts made to preserve it, even though it has been refuted scientifically. Darwinists and materialists alike maintain that man, the universe, and all it contains are all the products of blind chance. They claim that because they regard human beings as a species of animal, then relationships between humans should be animalistic in nature. This perverted view regards selfishness, ruthlessness, conflict and murder as perfectly justified according to the survival of the fittest. It regards such feelings as compassion, love, affection and respect as obstacles that retard the process of evolution. Under Darwinist indoctrination, people are brought up to scorn altruism and compassionate love for others, and to become cruel, aggressive and self-interested. 

Given that many countries are struggling with the social problems stemming from Darwinism, it is vitally important to be warned against Darwinist indoctrination and deceptions, in order that such a grave peril is intellectually neutralized. Yet those who fail to understand Darwinism and the threats it poses are also unable to comprehend the importance of the intellectual struggle against it.

Rather than joining in the intellectual struggle against Darwinism, these individuals resort to various means to ignore and avoid it. Some seek to trivialize this intellectual struggle by saying, "Darwinism is not actually all that important," and urge others to view it in that same light. Others seek a supposed "middle path" between the theory of evolution and Islam, thus seeking to reconcile Darwinism and Islam in their own private ways. Yet it should be totally out of the question for any Muslim to seek any intellectual "reconciliation" between Darwinism and Islam. Moreover, neither the verses of the Qur'an nor the hadith of our Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) contain any account that suggests evolution.

Those Who Imagine Evolution to Be a Scientific Theory and Think, in Their Own Eyes, That They Can Give It a Muslim Identity Are Mistaken.

Among those who avoid any intellectual struggle against Darwinism, the common state of mind is a defeatist attitude. Those who imagine that the theory of evolution is based upon scientific fact assume themselves to be in an untenable position. They imagine that the claims made by evolutionists are supported by verified facts and in the face of science; it is next to impossible to question those claims. Since they think they are unable to respond, they are ready to surrender right from the outset.

But the fact is, the misconception that the theory of evolution is scientific has resulted from intense propaganda on the subject. Television reports and newspaper and magazine articles constantly support the impression that evolution is a proven theory, impossible to deny. They imply that supporting the theory of evolution means supporting science, and that rejecting it means opposing logic and the known facts. Actually, however, scientific facts reveal the exact opposite of this propaganda. Science refutes the theory of evolution, rather than confirming it! No unbiased person who supports science can also support the theory of evolution. The reason why evolution is maintained on the agenda is not because it's scientific, but because it serves as the foundation for materialism and atheism. To put it another way, evolutionary propaganda is carried out for ideological concerns. 

The effect of this intense propaganda also a lie at the root of the way some Muslims subconsciously assume that it’s impossible to combat Darwinism. The result of this propaganda is the idea- inaccurate though it may be-that opposing evolution means opposing science. So as not to seem backward and unscientific, people make attempts to find some "middle ground" between Islam and the theory of evolution which, again, is imagined to be respectably scientific. Yet actually this represents a way of avoiding any intellectual struggle against Darwinism.

Therefore, there is no reason to avoid an open, clear intellectual struggle against Darwinism. Those who fear that science has proven evolution, and that they, too, will be influenced by this indoctrination and have their own faith and their world views shaken are worrying needlessly. Science points to creation, not to evolution. Every one of the claims made by Darwinism has been undermined by hundreds of scientific proofs. Muslims need to neutralize Darwinism intellectually by making use of these proofs.

Some Muslims exaggerate evolutionary propaganda carried out for ideological reasons and via entirely speculative methods. They imagine that they will never be able to overcome it, and thus adopt a passive and defeatist stance when they should be joyfully, enthusiastically waging a mental struggle against Darwinism.

One of the ugliest examples of this passive, defeatist attitude is, as we pointed out, an attempt to Islamicize Darwinism. To back up this attitude, such thinkers use pagan beliefs left over from Sumerian societies and report the words of writers to whom they impute great scholarship. They try to give the impression that "this is what the religion says." Yet these are evidently excuses to avoid engaging in an intellectual struggle against Darwinism-the ugly result of a passive, defeatist mindset.

By fearing Darwinism, and imagining that they will be unable to defeat it in the world of ideas, these people have lost before they even begin. Yet this form of struggle is exceedingly belittling for any Muslim who holds a true faith in Allah and who appreciates His infinite might. It is impossible for a devout Muslim to struggle in a half-hearted, defeatist manner. There is no question of his opposing Darwinism with the logic of "We actually maintain the same exact thing." The truth that a Muslim believes in is that Allah has created all things. It is therefore impossible for a Muslim to maintain the same theories as Darwinists. A Muslim must wage an open, confident intellectual struggle against Darwinism. A Muslim with a proper fear of Allah can never espouse the same ideas and ideology as Darwinism. 

For those who are unaware of the dangers of Darwinism and have failed to understand the way it fights belief in Allah, it would be much better to say nothing at all on the subject, rather than to employ insincere, erroneous logic. It is a mistake to avoid the intellectual struggle and to resort to faulty, irrational methods out of fear that one's strength on a subject is not adequate. Darwinism is a grave danger that must be opposed in a serious manner and completely eliminated. In the sight of Allah, it is a grave error and a serious responsibility to hinder the intellectual struggle against Darwinism by failing to be aware of this threat.

Those Who Claim There is Evolution in Islam Are Unaware that 100 Million Fossils Refute Evolution

Some Muslims imagine, with the knowledge of the 1940s and 1950s, that evolution is a theory confirmed by science and attempt, in their own eyes, to reconcile Islam and evolution with the helpless and peculiar logic of “Muslims knew about evolution long before Darwin.” But that logic is the product of a grave ignorance. 

For one thing, the evolution error is not an idea that first emerged with Darwin. Throughout history, all materialists have maintained that living things formed spontaneously from stone and earth and that life forms supposedly descended from one another. Evolution is a pagan belief that dates back thousands of years. The Sumerians and the ancient Egyptians were both societies that believed in and espoused evolution.  For example, the Egyptians thought that living things emerged spontaneously from the muddy water of the Nile. It is meaningless therefore to say, “Evolution was known before Darwin and Muslims also knew about it,” as if one has discovered something new. Muslims, the first Jews, and the early Christians, the Sumerians and the Egyptians all knew that evolution was a perverted idea, of course. But as is the case today, people of reason and good conscience could clearly see that evolution was an error and that some people espoused that error because of their materialist and atheist mindsets.

Second, the idea that life forms came into being by descending gradually from one another is not supported by any scientific finding.  If life forms were descended from one another, as Darwin or evolutionists who lived in the past claimed, then this should be clearly visible in the fossil record. The excavations carried out to date have unearthed more than 100 million fossils. But there is not a single fossil among them that shows that one life form turned into another or that they share a supposed common ancestor. Every one, without exception, of these 100 million fossils shows that living things appeared suddenly with all the characteristics they possess and that they remained unchanged for a hundred million years, in other words, that evolution never happened. If not a single transitional form has ever been discovered despite the earth being dug up all over the place for the last 150 years, and if not one person has responded to the call that “we will give 10 trillion Turkish lira to anyone producing an intermediate form fossil,” and if even Darwin said that his theory would collapse if no transitional fossils were found, in other words, if there exists not a single, solitary concrete finding, then it is meaningless to tell fairy tales and invent headlines such as :our ancestors were microbes,” “the forerunner of the bird has been discovered “ or “our ancestors were dates.” 

Allah Did Not Create the Universe and Life through Evolution

In the Qur'an, Allah has revealed many verses about the creation of life and the universe. Yet these verses contain not the slightest indication that living things descended from one another, or that there exists any evolutionary relationship between them. Of course, had Allah so wished, He could have created living things by way of evolution. Yet there is no sign of this in the Qur'an, and not one verse supports the idea of species developing gradually by stages, as evolutionists maintain. If such a manner of creation had taken place, we would see detailed accounts of this in verses from the Qur'an. Yet, on the contrary, it is revealed in the Qur'an that Allah brought life and the universe into being in a miraculous way, by commanding them to "Be!"

The Originator of the heavens and earth. When He decides on something, He just says to it, "Be!" and it is. (Surat al-Baqara: 117)

If, as is claimed, half-ape, half-human life forms had really lived before the Prophet Adam (pbuh)- had mutations and natural selection exerted an effect on the creation of living things-then Allah would have informed us of this in the Qur'an in a very clear, distinct, and intelligible way. However, no verse of the Qur'an contains any such information. On the contrary, many verses tell us that man was created out of nothing, in the finest form:

We created man in the finest mould. (Surat at-Tin: 4)

He created the heavens and the Earth with truth and formed you, giving you the best of forms… (Surat at-Taghabun : 3)

Those Who Seek to Islamicize Darwinism Cannot Explain the Creation of the Angels and Djinn

Our Almighty Lord is He Who creates from nothing, from no earlier model, in a form and at a time of His choosing. When Allah wishes a thing to exist He commands it to “Be!”:

Our Word to a thing when We desire it is just to say to it "Be!" and it is. (Surat an-Nahl: 40)

Allah is He Who is unsullied by any flaw or deficiency, Who has no need of anything. Therefore, Allah has no need of any prior cause, vehicle or stage in order to create. One must not be misled by the fact that everything in this world depends on specific causes. As the Creator, Allah is unsullied by any of these laws of nature.

But those who fail to reflect on these facts properly may fall into various errors. People who seek to reconcile Darwinism with Islam are misled by this lack of reflection. Since they cannot appreciate Allah's sublime creative might and the perfection in His creative artistry, they come up with impossible interpretations such as "Islamic evolution." When asked how the angels and djinn were created, these people-who maintain that man progressed by way of evolution-will answer, "Allah created them from nothing." These people know that Allah created the angels and djinn, but fail to reason that He created human beings in the same way. This is a very grave error. It is astonishing that they cannot see that our Almighty Lord, Who created the angels with the command to "Be!", also created man in exactly the same fashion.

In the Qur'an, Allah tells us that the djinn were created differently from human beings, out of fire:

He created man from dry earth like baked clay; And He created the djinn from a fusion of fire. (Surat ar-Rahman: 14-15)

As we are told in the Qur'an, the creation of the angels was also very different to that of human beings. One verse tells us this about how angels were created:

Praise be to Allah, the Bringer into Being of the heavens and Earth, He who made the angels messengers, with wings-two, three or four. He adds to creation in any way He wills. Allah has power over all things. (Surah Fatir: 1)

As you can clearly see from this verse, angels are also very different from human beings in terms of appearance. It is also revealed in the Qur'an that both the angels and the djinn were created before Man. When Allah was about to create the Prophet Adam (pbuh), the first human being, He commanded the angels and Diabolis, a djinn, to prostrate themselves before the Prophet Adam (pbuh). One verse reveals that:

When We said to the angels, "Prostrate yourselves to Adam," they prostrated with the exception of Diabolis. He was one of the djinn and wantonly deviated from his Lord's command. Do you take him and his offspring as protectors apart from Me when they are your enemy? How evil is the exchange the wrongdoers make! (Surat al-Kahf: 50)

Creation is an easy matter for Allah. Our Lord is He Who creates without the need for a natural cause. If He created the angels and djinns in different ways and out of nothing, then He also created Man as a separate entity out of nothing, without the need for any evolution. The same applies to other life forms such as animals and plants. Allah created these living things out of nothing in a single moment, without causing them to evolve-in other words, without turning one species into another.
Muslims Who Defend Evolution Are Unable to Explain How the Prophet Moses’ (pbuh) Staff Turned into a Snake or How a Piece of Mud the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) Breathed on Turned into a Bird and Flew Away

It is revealed in the Qur’an that when the Prophet Moses (pbuh) cast his staff onto the ground it turned, by the will of Allah into a living snake. When the Prophet Moses (pbuh) cast his staff on the ground a dead piece of wood turned into a living snake, and when he picked it up again a living snake turned back into a piece of dead wood. And when he cast it down again it again came to life.  In other words, an inanimate object comes to life, then dies, and then comes back to life again. By this miracle, Allah constantly demonstrates His creation. In verses it is revealed that: 

He threw it down and SUDDENLY IT WAS A SLITHERING SNAKE. He said, ‘Take hold of it and have no fear. We will return it to its original form. (Surah Ta Ha, 20:21)

(We said to Moses,) ‘Throw down what is in your right hand. It will swallow up their handiwork. Their handiwork is just a magician’s trick. Magicians do not prosper wherever they go.’ (Surah Ta ha, 69)

 ‘Throw down your staff.’ Then when he saw it SLITHERING LIKE A SNAKE he turned and fled and did not turn back again. ‘Have no fear, Moses. In My Presence the Messengers have no fear.’ (Surat an-Naml, 10)

At the moment when the Prophet Moses (pbuh) cast the staff he was holding down on the ground, as a blessing from Allah a lifeless piece of wood turned into a living being that moved very fast and swallowed up what other people had produced, in other words, a completely living thing with a digestive system. Allah thus showed people an instance of how He creates life from nothing. A living thing comes to life, just by Allah’s willing it to do so, by commanding it to “Be!” This miracle bestowed by Allah on the Prophet Moses (pbuh), demolished the ancient Egyptians’ superstitious belief in evolution at a stroke. The people around the Prophet Moses (pbuh) immediately realized the truth, abandoned their superstitious beliefs and turned to faith in Allah.

The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) also waged a campaign against pagan thought, pagan beliefs and a Judaism that had been corrupted.  He told people what was true and right, but he also first proved Creation. The Qur’an states that the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) made an object resembling a bird out of clay, and that when he breathed on it, by the will of Allah, the bird came to life:

Remember when Allah said, ‘‘Jesus, son of Maryam, remember My blessing to you and to your mother when I reinforced you with the Purest Spirit so that you could speak to people in the cradle and when you were fully grown; and when I taught you the Book and Wisdom, and the Torah and the Gospel; and WHEN YOU CREATED A BIRD-SHAPE OUT OF CLAY BY MY PERMISSION, AND THEN BREATHED INTO IT AND IT BECAME A BIRD BY MY PERMISSION...(Surat al-Maida, 110)

This bird came to life out of inanimate matter through no natural cause, by Allah's choosing and through a miracle. The bird is one of the examples of Allah's sublime creation, with no previous model or natural cause. It is impossible for those who wish to Islamicize Darwinism to account for this.
Conclusion: Darwinism Has Collapsed, and Its Death Throes Are to No Avail

Science has revealed the invalidity of evolution. People have been made aware and seen the truth thanks to the works, documentaries, conferences and exhibitions setting out the facts. The Sun has risen again, and even if some people seek, in their own eyes, to hide the fact using tall tales and propaganda, it is impossible to put the clock back. People have seen and examined fossils with their own eyes in restaurants, pharmacies and shopping malls, and have witnessed the fact that evolution never happened. Darwinists can hereafter tell whatever tales they like, engage in whatever endless propaganda they please and put as much pressure on as they care, but it will still be impossible to keep evolution alive. Evolution has collapsed, and Darwinism is dead. It is now time to bury it. Our advice to evolutionists is to abandon their pointless efforts, behave in a rational and logical way and accept that Darwinism is dead, rather than ignore the scientific data. 


2009-03-27 14:28:02

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