The invalidity of the claim that man's ancestors lived in caves

Celal Şengör claimed in the program that human beings’ ancestors were primitive, cave-dwelling creatures. This is the “stone age” deception put about for many years in order to be able to impose the idea of evolution. 

All the evidence for perfect civilizations existing tens of thousands of years ago has been discovered in various archeological excavations. But timber, of course, does not survive for tens of thousands of years. It is oxidized by iron and rots. What remains from those times is generally stone and bone. Looking at these, Darwinists then claim that odd-looking humanoid types lived primitive lives at a time they refer to as the “stone age.”  The fact is though, that even if all that has come down from that time is stone and bone, the evidence that a perfect civilization existed at that time has still survived. Flute, needle and many other discoveries from the time of the human race Darwinists refer to as the Neanderthals all refute these claims. A flute dating back 60,000 years has been shown to produce perfect notes and half-notes. A needle made out of bone, on the other hand, is exceedingly straight and has a hole for thread to be passed through. It is of course impossible to describe as primitive people who enjoyed music and had a clothing culture such as to require the services of a sewing needle. For more details, see 

2009-04-01 19:29:47

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