The deception that there was no oxygen in the primeval atmosphere

Celal Şengör has claimed that life began with anaerobic bacteria that breathe in an oxygen-free environment, that oxygen appeared gradually on Earth and that oxygen-breathing bacteria then emerged as a result. This is an explanation meant to support the claim that there was no atmosphere in the primeval atmosphere. But such claim is wrong. 

Darwinists maintain that there was no oxygen in the period when life emerged, and that oxygen formed subsequently. Because the existence of oxygen will entirely repudiate all their claims about the beginning of life. Darwinists know that when an amino acid forms in the primeval atmosphere, in the way they maintain, oxygen will immediately burn it up and destroy it. For that reason, they are unable to use oxygen in experiments concerning the origin of life. And all experiments conducted without oxygen have failed. The famous Stanly Miller conducted his experiment in an oxygen-free environment, and he subsequently had to admit that his conditions did not match those of the real atmosphere.

Celal Şengör supports this deception that Darwinists have been putting forward for many years now and claims that oxygen appeared on Earth later. But this is wrong, because: 

  • Rocks dating back 3.5 billion years have been discovered in geological excavations. That is the time when Darwinists claim that life first began. Traces of OXIDIZED IRON AND URANIUM have been found in the se rocks. The oxygen level determined here is far greater than that claimed by Darwinists for the period.
  • In addition, research has shown that the level of ultraviolet rays reaching the Earth in that period was 10 times greater than that estimated by Darwinists. This intense ultraviolet light must have separated water vapor and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and have given rise to oxygen.
  • If, as Darwinists claim, there were no oxygen in the primeval atmosphere then neither would there have been any ozone layer to protect the Earth against ultraviolet radiation.  In that case, it is obvious that no organic molecule could form in a world exposed to such high levels of ultraviolet. In conclusion, the presence or absence of oxygen in either case means an environment hostile to amino acids and totally eliminates all Darwinist claims about the beginning of life.

The late American physicist Philip Abelson had this to say on this matter:

No ozone layer. If there were no oxygen in the atmosphere, there would be no ozone either. Without the ozone layer, ultraviolet light would destroy whatever life was formed. Ultraviolet light. Ironically, it could do more damage in an atmosphere without oxygen. Just as oxygen in the air would destroy the chemicals of life, ultraviolet light beaming in through a sky unshielded by ozone would be deadly! Recent studies of the ozone layer have revealed that, without it, most living organisms now on our planet would die within an hour, and many within a second or two! Not with or without. Evolutionists are locked into a situation here that they cannot escape from. Spontaneous generation could not occur with oxygen, and it could not occur without it! (Abelson, Some Aspects of Paleobiochemistry, Annals of the New York Academy of Science, 69, 1957, p. 275)
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