Is the Belgian RTBF channel under pressure from the Darwinist dictatorship?

RTBF, the Belgian national TV channel,  broadcast a program containing an interview with Adnan Oktar a few weeks ago.  The point that Adnan Oktar particularly emphasized with irrefutable evidence during this interview, which provided most valuable information on a range of issues, was the Darwinist deception.

The provision of information with supporting evidence during the interview in question must have disturbed various Darwinist circles, since an effort was made to include feeble, utterly unscientific and even childish accounts in another part of the program for sake of saving Darwinism’s face. Statements about these deceptive accounts intended to save Darwinism are set out below. 


Darwinists’ Illogical Counter-Attacks Have Been Routed in the Face of Fossils

Darwinists are unable to provide a single piece of scientific evidence to verify their claims. But whenever a scientific proof that refutes theories is put forward, they imagine they can neutralize the impact of that genuine evidence by launching illogical counter-attacks. This is a kind of defense mechanism unique to Darwinists. Indeed, that is the reason why the Atlas of Creation, which exhibited thousands of pieces of evidence refuting the theory of evolution, together with giant illustrations, provoked such a response from Darwinists.

The same method was employed in the statements in question on the RTBF channel. Darwinists are capable of millions of bits of deceptive speculation, but when it comes to fossils that prove Creation, they shamelessly maintain it is impossible to compare these with living specimens.  

The fact is, however, that a fossil remain immediately gives paleontologists all kinds of information about that life form. In particular, if the life form in question is one that is still around today, that identification can easily be made. In fact, the similarity between fossils and their living counterparts is so certain that even school children at fossil exhibitions can easily say what a life form it is just by looking at a fossil.



Even a primary school student seeing the above fossils for the first time will immediately say that they represent a turtle, a crocodile and a frog, respectively. This fact will again emerge if the kind of skeletal analysis Darwinists want is carried out. These fossils are a striking and certain reality that reveal that living things were the same millions of years ago as they are today.

In addition, if Darwinists so choose they can perform the comparison in question between a newly dead organism and a fossil dating back millions of years. There is nothing to stop them. They will again see that there is absolutely no difference between them. The reason why Darwinists engage in sophistry instead of performing such comparisons stems from their fear of what the results will show.

But what really needs to be made clear is that a typical Darwinist deception technique is being employed here. Darwinists are capable of promoting a living thing as being a “transitional form” on the basis of a single air sac not being the same as in living members of the same species. They therefore claim that a detail skeletal comparison needs to be carried out between living things. And if a living thing’s little finger is slightly bent, as the result of disease for instance, they have no question about heralding it as the missing link they have been looking for. (Such a claim was recently made regarding the perfect lemur fossil Ida, but the dimension of the speculation embarrassed even Darwinist scientists, who described it as “ridiculous.”) That is the Darwinist intention behind detailed comparisons. If Darwinists want to produce a transitional form, the fossils they produce must be of these kinds:


What they call intermediate fossils must look like these. If Darwinists’ claims were true, they should be able to produce not such one alveolar sac as an example, but millions of even billions of peculiar looking organisms like those above. If life forms really turned into one another as Darwinists maintain, there should be countless strange organs, structures in the course of development and other peculiarities and irregularities in odd-looking living things demonstrating that transition.  Just as Darwin openly stated, the Earth should be overflowing with such peculiar entities. 


That is what Darwinists are unable to produce. And that is the truth that announces Darwinists’ crushing defeat.

Darwinists Are Totally Unable to Explain Amber Fossils

Darwinists particularly attack fossil evidence that refutes evolution because of the devastation it wreaks on Darwinism.  But there are so many detailed and perfect fossils that prove Creation that no demagogic Darwinist explanations can do away with the facts revealed with full supporting scientific evidence.

Indeed, it was clear in the program under discussion that the Darwinists demanding fossil skeleton comparisons were in a state of despair in the face of the fossil evidence. Darwinists sought to explain away the amber in which living things were exhibited in all their perfect detail, and imagined they could launch a powerful attack by taking a single amber fossil and saying this was “unclear.”  These desperate efforts to rescue their theory on the part of Darwinists become crystal clear in these examples especially.
Millions of pieces of amber have been unearthed to date. Some of these are exhibited in the Atlas of Creation. Now one or 10 of these pieces of amber may be “unclear’ in the way that Darwinists claim, but what explanation do Darwinists have for the remaining perfect ambers? Living things are preserved in full detail yesterday as if they had been frozen only yesterday. What explanation can Darwinists have for these? It is of course impossible for them to explain them. Since Darwinists have no explanation, they try to hide behind words such as “unclear” or “indistinct.”  



The way that Darwinists concentrated so much on a picture wrongly placed as the result of a printing error in the first edition of the Atlas of Creation is a sign of the same defeat. This, it will be remembered, became the greatest subject of concentration for Darwinists panicked by the Atlas of Creation, including the atheist Richard Dawkins. Darwinists REMAINED ENTIRELY SILENT ABOUT THE ‘THOUSANDS’ OF PERFECT FOSSILS in the first, second and third volumes of the Atlas of Creation while constantly talking about this error as if it were a terribly important discovery. They imagined that a technical error was a huge success. Yet even this was enough to show the huge predicament in which Darwinists find themselves.

The printing error in question was corrected in subsequent editions of the Atlas of Creation. A living specimen was put next to the fossil picture and the Darwinist who had been making such a noise until then suddenly fell silent. For some reason, not a single Darwinist had anything to say about the appearance of the living specimen placed next to the fossil specimen. Because that picture is further proof that living things HAVE NOT CHANGED.

RTBF, however, cannot have been following matters all that closely, and imagined that it had made a major finding, which it heralded with a great deal of fanfare.

The Absence of Transitional Fossils Spelled the End of Darwinist Ideology

A reward of 10 trillion Turkish liras has been available for as long as two years for anyone producing a single transitional fossil. Darwinists, who never stopped repeating the words “transitional fossil” until that date, have been unable to step forward and claim the reward.  The reason for that of course is that THEY KNOW VERY WELL THAT THEY HAVE NOT A SINGLE GENUINE TRANSITIONAL FOSSIL IN THEIR POSSESSION.

It would seem that RTBF decided to adopt the same hollow tactic as these Darwinists. The channel settled for repeating such myths as Tiktaalik, Archaeopteryx and Pikaia, for years as the most important vehicles of Darwinist propaganda. Instead of proposing these fossils as transitional forms and claiming 10 million Turkish liras for each one, it preferred to stick to mere speculation. Just like other Darwinists, RTBF gave the impression that very important evidence on the subject exists, but failed to provide any, and declined to depict these life forms as transitional fossils. 

The sole reason for this is that the fossils in question have no transitional features and that DARWINISTS POSSESS NOT ONE SINGLE TRANSITIONAL FOSSIL.

Examples of Darwinists’ Transitional Fossil Deceptions

Pikaia is a perfect life form from the Cambrian Period, some 540 million years ago. Darwinist claims about Pikaia stem from their inability to account for the Cambrian Period and their consequent efforts to portray Cambrian life forms as our supposed “ancestors.” Pikaia is a perfect invertebrate that appeared 540 million years ago, with no imaginary forebears. In addition, it has also emerged that fish representing Pikaia’s supposed descendants were living at the same time as it. So it is a huge deception to claim that Pikaia is the ancestor of fish.  RTBF appears unaware of this fact, which emerged a long time ago, but can obtain detailed on the subject from here.

Tiktaalik Roseae
was for a long time used as a tool for conjecture by Darwinists, but consists of a transitional fossil deception that failed in the face of the scientific evidence.  Unable to produce a single piece of evidence that this perfect mosaic form is a transitional life form, they resort to speculation based on deception instead. Channel RTBF, who appear to know very little about the invalidity of this fossil, can learn what they need to know here.

Archaeopteryx is a perfect bird, and even Darwinist scientists admit the invalidity of the transitional form claims made regarding it. It is a proven fact supported by comprehensive scientific evidence that Archaeopteryx was a perfect flying bird.  Moreover, perfect bird fossils from the same period as Archaeopteryx have eliminated all the propaganda concerning it. The RTBF management can read about the bird fossil in question in the copies of the Atlas of Creation in their possession. They can also obtain detailed information about the Archaeopteryx error here.


The perfect flying bird Confuciusornis, which lived in the same period as Archaeopteryx.

Conclusion: Millions of Fossils Announce the Collapse of Darwinism

It would appear that the RTBF channel is unaware of the scale of the rout suffered by Darwinism. Excavations are being carried out all over the world and millions of fossils unearthed. Giant projects such as the Suez Canal and Panama Canal have been carried out, and the strata of the earth have been thoroughly dug over. Such activities were also going on in Darwin’s day. Much of the earth had been excavated in Darwin’s time and millions of fossils had been obtained.  More than 250 million fossils have to date been uncovered. And the transitional fossils that had not been found in Darwin’s time have still not been discovered today. ALL THESE 250 MILLION FOSSILS BELONG TO PERFECT LIFE FORMS. ALL THESE 250 MILLION FOSSILS POINT TO CREATION.  These life forms have remained unchanged for millions of years. There was a perfect horse in existence at a time when Darwinists suggests its ancestor was alive. Perfect birds were flying through the air at a time when Darwin suggests their forerunners were alive. This ugly Darwinist deception must therefore come to an end. Because the Darwinist fraud has been exposed by these 250 million fossils.

Darwinist wriggling in the face of this evidence is completely hopeless. RTBF imagined it could neutralize the defeat with the same old familiar Darwinist methods. But, like all other Darwinists, there is a reality that RTBF is unable to see: Even if we assume that 10 or even 1000 of these fossils are wrong, millions of others still declare the collapse of Darwinism. Darwinists are speechless in the face of these fossils. The way they keep going around and raising the same old tales just makes them a laughing stock.

We advise RTBF to take a rather closer interest in the scientific evidence that has long been raised to defeat Darwinism, to put an end to ancient Darwinist tactics, and to cease acting under the influence of the Darwinist dictatorship and admit the scientific realities.


2009-06-22 20:04:33

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