Why is anti-Darwinist activity so important?

Darwinism espouses the lie that the perfect equilibrium in the universe and life came into being by chance and also constitutes the backbone of materialism. This perverted belief teaches people that they are a rather more advanced species of animal, instead of an entity with a soul. Darwinist ideology foresees relations between people being ruthless, selfish and based on conflict, rather than being founded on love and compassion. Conflict therefore inevitably prevails in those places where the ideological structure of Darwinism predominates. Because this dangerous ideology regards feelings such as compassion, love, affection and respect as obstacles that slow down the so-called process of evolution and that need to be eliminated. 

Why Is Darwinism a Danger?

Darwinism is the common basis for all movements that are incompatible with the Qur’an. War, slaughter, anarchy and terror afflicted the whole world with the spread of Darwinism in the 20th century in particularly. Societies taught with Darwinist rituals were encouraged in the direction of irreligion, immorality, anarchy and violence, and individuals lacking sufficient education were literally turned into crime machines. People who, on the basis of that indoctrination, regarded other peoples as inferior to them in the supposed process of evolution used the savage laws of nature and ruthlessness to crush others.

The Error of Regarding the Struggle against Darwinism as Unimportant

It is unacceptable to regard this historic fraud, which has been propped up for ideological reasons despite having been scientifically refuted, as harmless or to disregard the danger it poses. This illogical ideology, whose beginnings go back to the Sumerians, consists of a failed theory that attempts to account for the appearance of life in materialist terms. This heretical pagan religion, whose true aim is to deny the existence of a Creator, is a trigger that caused the blood of innocent people to be spilled, especially in the 20th century, by trying to turn societies away from belief in Allah and indoctrinating them with the idea they have no purpose. This bloody consequence of Darwinist ideology can still be felt today, as the acts of terror and violence perpetrated across the world are nourished by this heretical theory. 

Darwinism Is Officially Supported by Many States

The struggle against Darwinism is therefore of vital importance for the establishment of social peace and for the moral values of the Qur’an to rule the world. Most of the states of the world have adopted Darwinism as an official ideology and espouse this heretical thesis by various means. Darwinist education is supported by official state institutions and a false education that rebels against belief in Allah is provided. Besides this ideology encouraging irreligion, it is also forbidden to talk about belief in Allah at schools. Professors who do not espouse Darwinism are removed from their posts forthwith and find themselves unable to take up posts in just about any institutions. The whole world lies under the yoke of the Darwinist dictatorship. It is almost impossible for someone who does not support the theory of evolution to assume the name of scientist. Professors select Darwinists and materialists just like themselves as their assistants, but never appoint non-Darwinists, and even attempt to remove them from universities entirely. 

But some people fail to appreciate the importance of anti-Darwinist activities and do not take the work carried out in this field sufficiently seriously. These circles fall into the error of thinking of Darwinist as a harmless scientific theory as a result of being misinformed on the subject. In doing so, these people have ignored the perils of allowing Darwinist ideologies to spread by considering it impossible for a communist, materialist and irreligious system to emerge in lands where belief in Allah and Islam are widespread. But this is a huge mistake. The destruction suffered by those peoples who fell into that error in the past once again emphasized the importance of anti-Darwinist and anti-materialist activities. 


Countries Suffered Their Darkest and Bloodiest Times under the Influence of Darwinist Ideology

For example, the Ba’ath Party that organized itself in countries such as Jordan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen when this historic fraud began being adopted as an ideology among their people led to the formation of a communist system in those countries. Higher academic, political, military and civil service echelons were trained by dyed in the wool Stalinist party members. The smallest organs of the Ba’ath Party to the very largest all had a Leninist structure. Saddam Hussein was a leading Ba’ath Party militant. As a party member he received a military education based on Darwinism and materialism. He seized power in Iraq following an internal party coup. The slaughter that followed continued right down to the present day, even after the occupation of Iraq. When we look at the beginning of this bloody period, we see that its principal cause was Darwinist-materialist-communist propaganda, that these heretical ideologies were regarded as unobjectionable and that no effective anti-Darwinist propaganda was conducted. This perilous ideology put down cunning roots in society and gradually caused enormous bloodshed in Iraq by gradually transforming the education system.  

Another of the communist leaders of the Ba’ath Party was Hafiz Assad, who spilled the blood of many Muslims in Syria. Assad had also received a Darwinist-materialist education in the Soviet Union, and internal conflicts began manifesting themselves immediately after he came to power in the country. Using a number of doubtful assassination attempts as a pretext, the Syrian Secret Service initiated operations against Muslims in the country in 1982. It has been estimated that 150,000-200,000 civilians were slaughtered in these operations, carried out at Assad’s command. Abdullah Ocalan and the PKK also received logistical support from the country during Assad’s rule. However, a huge change took place in Syria following Hafiz Assad’s death when power was assumed by his son, Bashar Assad. Syria established a more moderate, democratic and modern environment, constructed closer and better links with Turkey, and began following a policy of support for the Turkish-Islamic Union and aiming at friendly relations with all the countries in the region. 

Rules under the influence of Darwinist ideologies have always brought their countries exactly the same things: anarchy, disorder and slaughter. One example of this is Egypt. In 1952, Jamal Abdul Nasser staged a coup, overthrowing King Farouk and ruling the country for the next 20 years. A Darwinist-Stalinist nationalism known as Nasserism developed in the country. Intense pressure was inflicted on the Muslim public in his time, and thousands of Muslim scholars were tortured and executed.


Colonialist Activities Initiated Under the Influence of Darwinism

The effort to equate Darwinist-materialist ideology with civilization is a complete deception. With the colonialist activities they commenced in the light of this deception, western nations inflicted disasters on the peoples of many countries by treating them like animals. Colonialists regard themselves as superior to those whom they colonize. They do not regard the colonized as having any right to exist at all. Tens of states colonized through that perspective were oppressed for many years and weakened by civil conflicts. The effects of this perverted perspective still persist in the countries concerned today, and civil conflicts are still encouraged by the supporters of Darwinism.

As can be seen from these examples, it is of crucial importance for the dangerous aspect of Darwinist-materialist ideology to be made clear and for the public to be made aware of it. It is the most perilous corruption for the fraud of evolution to be made part of education as if it were a scientific theory. Under the influence of Darwinist ideology, societies with no belief in Allah that imagine themselves to be aimless and with no responsibilities, have grown up over the last 150 years. As the greatest pagan religion of the last 150 years, Darwinism has been a hindrance to the spread of belief in Allah. No sincere believer can therefore turn a blind eye to the activities of this pagan religion. What needs to be done is to describe the heretical nature of Darwinist rituals and eliminate the heretical faith that is Darwinism.

The Prophets Destroyed the Idols Raised in Opposition to Belief in Allah

When we look at world history, we see that none of the prophets ever turned a blind eye to the idols of their communities. For instance, the Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him) smashed his people’s idols. Allah describes this as follows in the Qur’an: 

He broke them in pieces, except for the biggest one, so that they would have it to consult! They said, ‘Who has done this to our deities? … They said, ‘Did you do this to our deities, Abraham?’ He said, ‘No, this one, the biggest of them, did it. Ask them if they are able to speak!’ They consulted among themselves and said, ‘It is you yourselves who are wrongdoers.’ But then they relapsed back into their unbelief: ‘You know full well these idols cannot talk.’ He said, ‘Do you then worship, instead of Allah, what cannot help or harm you in any way? Shame on you and what you worship besides Allah! Will you not use your intellect?’ (Surat al-Anbiya’, 58-67)

As can be seen from the above verses, the Prophet Abraham (pbuh) did not just smash the idols. He also selected a rationalistic means of doing so by which people would realize their idols had no power. By stirring their consciences, he forced the people to think in a direction they had perhaps never considered before. 


In the same way, the Prophet Moses (pbuh) destroyed the idols of his people who had returned to their old heretical beliefs during his absence. The Prophet Moses (pbuh) burned the idol, a statue of a calf, his people had made, shattered it and then cast it into the sea, The Prophet Moses (pbuh) took these sound precautions in order that his people should not return to worshiping idols. Allah reveals this as follows in the Qur’an:

He said, ‘What do you think you were doing, Samaritan?’ He said, ‘I saw what they did not see. So I gathered up a handful from the Messenger’s footprints and threw it in. That is what my inner self urged me to do.’ He said, … Look at your god to which you devoted so much time. We will burn it up and then scatter it as dust into the sea. Your god is Allah alone, there is no god but Him. He encompasses all things in His knowledge.’ (Surah Ta Ha, 95-98)

Our Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) also warned his people against idols and told them they had no power at all. Almighty Allah describes this in these verses of the Qur’an:

Have you really considered al-Lat and al-‘Uzza and Manat, the third, the other one? … They are nothing but names which you yourselves have given, you and your forefathers. Allah has sent down no authority for them. They are following nothing but conjecture and what their own selves desire. And that when guidance has reached them from their Lord! (Surat al-Najm, 19-23)

The above verses show that what a believer must do is to fully and irrevocably eliminate those things that society adopts as idols. The idol that represents the basis of the danger that is irreligion today is Darwinist-materialist ideology. Remaining silent in the face of and disregarding this bloody ideology has always had evil consequences. It must not be forgotten that shutting one’s eyes in the dark does not do away with the darkness. Darkness does not disappear just by one thinking it does not exist. One has to turn the light on to eliminate the darkness. The light that needs to be turned on today is the intellectual struggle against Darwinism and materialism.

The theory of evolution has now been scientifically and intellectually eliminated by means of Adnan Oktar’s anti-materialist and anti-Darwinist activities of the last 20 years. People in a great many countries, especially Turkey, have now realized they are dealing with a great deception. The level of believers has risen all over the world, and through this Islam has enjoyed a rapid rise across the world. The moment that the scourge inflicted by Darwinism over the last 150 years is lifted, when the beauties bestowed by belief in Allah rule the world, a new age will begin. This is the Golden Age, when Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will appear and when people see the coming of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh). It is therefore unacceptable for Muslims to remain silent in the face of this dangerous ideology. What every Muslim must do is to call on people to abide by the moral values of the Qur’an by telling them of the dark face of Darwinism.

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