The claim that ''natural selection causes evolution'' is a fraudulent one

Darwin proposed the concept of natural selection as an “evolutionary mechanism” in the 1800s.

Natural selection is in other words “natural choosing”. The idea of natural selection is based on the idea that powerful life forms well adapted to their natural surroundings will survive. For example, in a herd of zebra menaced by lions, it is those zebra that run fastest that will survive.

Natural selection is certainly a mechanism observed among living things in nature. But it does not possess the ability as imagined by evolutionists of bestowing new features on life forms and thus creating new species.1

We can clarify this with an example: Let us imagine that in a geographical region somewhere there are two similar kinds of dog, one with longer fur and the other with relatively shorter.  If the temperature in this region falls significantly for some ecological reason, then the longer haired dogs will be more resistant than the shorter haired ones. As a result, the longer haired dogs will gradually come to have an advantage, meaning that they will live longer, and reproduce and find food easier. After a while, the number of shorter haired dogs will decrease considerably, and they will either migrate to warmer climates or else become extinct. In other words, the longer haired dogs will be favored by natural selection.

But note that no new breed of dog emerges during this process. One of the two breeds that were already in existence acquired an advantage through natural selection. It is not the case that as a result of natural selection long haired dogs appeared where there had been none before. It is in any case absolutely impossible for these dogs to turn into another species.

In short, new species and new characteristics do not appear by way of natural selection, only the chances of survival of already existing increasing species rise. Since no new species or characteristic form, it is impossible to speak of “evolution” taking place. To put it another way, no “evolution” comes about through natural selection. Indeed, Darwin himself admitted as much:

Natural selection is incompetent to account for the incipient stages of useful structures. 
The well-known British evolutionist and paleontologist Colin Patterson makes this confession on the subject:

No one has ever produced a species by mechanisms of natural selection. No one has ever got near it and most of the current argument in neo-Darwinism is about this question.2

Natural selection is not a mechanism that produces anything new and thus causes species to change, one that works miracles, such as causing a reptile to gradually turn into a bird. In the words of the well-known biologist D’Arcy Wentworth Thompson, “... We see in natural selection is not to create but to destroy—to weed, to prune, to cut down and to cast into the fire.”3

Darwinists are therefore lying when they describe natural selection as an evolutionary mechanism. Even though they know full well that natural selection does not bring evolution about, they still try to impose this deception.  Adopting the legacy inherited from Darwin and not being able to invent a new mechanism for their imaginary scenario make them so devoted to this outdated claim, this terrible falsehood. There are still Darwinist scientists today who adhere to this terrible lie. Those who have seen that this lie cannot be maintained have come up with another one. That is the idea that “mutations cause evolution.”

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