Despairing Darwinists place their hopes in heat

In the well-known words of Adolf Hitler, the fascist murder and principal architect of the bloodiest war and slaughter in history;

"If you tell a lie long enough, loud enough and often enough, people will believe it."

This quotation from Hitler, a conformed Darwinist, perfectly summarizes the heretical ideology of Darwinism. For 150 years Darwinists have based themselves on this philosophy of Hitler’s and succeeded in convincing people of the greatest deception of history by loudly repeating it over and over again. Even today, when their lies have now been exposed for what they are, Darwinists must imagine that the same tactic can again be successful, since they are still reiterating the lie of evolution with all kinds of fraud. One of the latest instances of this is the deception that “evolution happens faster in warm temperatures,” which has lately been headlined in Darwinist publications.

As we have made clear many times before, Darwinists’ best-known tactic is to behave as if Darwinism were a completely proven theory with merely a few minor details remaining unaccounted for. The lie that evolution accelerates in warm weather is the result of this tactic. These reports say nothing about how IT IS SCIENTIFICALLY IMPOSSIBLE FOR EVOLUTION TO TAKE PLACE, HOW IT IS DEVOID OF ANY SUPPORTING SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE, HOW IT IS UNABLE TO ACCOUNT FOR HOW LIFE BEGAN AND THAT THERE EXISTS NOT A SINGLE TRANSITIONAL FOSSIL TO CORROBORATE EVOLUTION. These difficulties that completely repudiate evolution have been set to one side, with the impression being given that so-called evolution’s only problem is hot weather, the intention being to deceive those readers with little information on the subject to the greatest extent possible.

This fraud so shamelessly propagated by Darwinists will, of course, be of not benefit to the lie of evolution, which was launched with great fanfare and hoaxes. However, in order to demonstrate the illogicality and the deception in question and how it is rooted in a superstitious ideology, it will be useful to set out the truth regarding this false account from Darwinists:

Of course living things’ metabolisms change according to air temperatures. In hot weather, the cellular reactions taking place in the body are speeded up, meaning that metabolism is also accelerated. Darwinist scientists know about this scientific fact, too. What makes them different is that they use this knowledge as a propaganda tool for Darwinist deception.

Darwinists maintain that as a result of this reaction increase, the number of mutations that will probably take place inside the cell will also increase and that this will give rise to evolution. This groundless assumption is the very worst deception. 

It is true that there is a chance of the DNA in every cell in living things being subjected to mutation as it multiplies and divides. But as the Darwinist publications in question admit, 99% of these mutations are harmful to the DNA. Because mutations are random changes in living things and lead to breakages, deformity and death. No case of mutations bestowing useful characteristics on a living thing has ever been observed or identified. And it is next to impossible for such a thing to happen. Therefore, a rise in the number of mutations in the organism in question as a result of heat will cause further random alterations and the more detailed information about how mutations have no evolutionary effect here.)

A second important point that needs to be made clear here is this: even if mutations do produce a harmless alteration in a living thing, this will still be a change taking place within that organism’s existing genetic structure. In other words, a mammal may acquire a third arm or a second tail as a result of these mutations, but it will never acquire a “wing” that did not already exist in its own genome data. There can therefore be no question of the “evolution” claimed by Darwinists, and the claim is a fraudulent one.

Darwinists have always used the small changes, variations, that always take place in the genome as tools for speculation. Darwinists call this “microevolution.” But variations have nothing to do with evolution. What Darwinists are using as a propaganda tool is the fact that living things may undergo minute changes in accordance with their habitats. But the fact that Darwinists keep concealed is that LIVING THINGS CAN ONLY CHANGE WITHIN THE INFORMATION EXISTING INSIDE THEIR GENOMES.  In other words, a living thing can only change to the extent permitted by Allah within its genetic data. And every member of the species may exhibit these characteristics since they exist in its genetic data. Fur may change color, beaks may grow longer and bodies may expand. But apart from that, there never will and never has been any change between species of the kind expected by Darwinists. The living thing in question WILL NEVER TURN INTO A DIFFERENT LIFE FORM AND COME TO POSSESS THAT FORM’S FEATURES.  Because it is impossible for a life form to freely develop new structures that do not already exist within its genetic data. (You can access detailed information about how variation has nothing to do with false evolution here.)

Therefore, sperm and egg cells dividing more quickly in warm temperatures and the acceleration of metabolism as a result of faster reactions due to heat will not accelerate the variations in question going on in the life form. Heat will only make a living thing better adapted to the circumstances in its habitat, within its own genome. But it will never turn a lizard into a bird. A reptile can never suddenly be covered in fathers, and a mammal can never turn into a bat and fly away. These things are all fantasies. Darwinist fraud is attempted to be propped up by such hollow methods and such irrational and unscientific accounts. But these endeavors by Darwinists just go to show the wretched position in which they find themselves. 

Another point that needs to be emphasized here is that as they engage in this speculation, Darwinist are never – EVER – ABLE TO PROVIDE A SINGLE PIECE OF EVIDENCE FOR IT. They are unable to point to a single structure or organ that has changed or evolved in the way they claim. Darwinists presumably imagine that they can maintain the nonsense of evolution using hollow demagoguery alone. The fact is, however, that Darwinism itself and its own hollow techniques have been buried with the revelation of scientific evidence proving the impossibility of evolution and with the revelation of 250 million fossils. Allah has revealed His creation in all its glory. Our advice, therefore, to the Darwinist media that imagine such reports can have any impact and that they can deceive people in this way is that they avoid the embarrassment that accompanies such claims and to keep a closer watch on the increasingly powerful resistance to evolution taking place across the world.

An Interview with Mr. Adnan Oktar by Radio America, Gordon Liddy Show
(June 18, 2009)

2009-07-02 04:35:11

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