The concealment of Cambrian fossils for 70 years is a deception

The Cambrian Period is one of the oldest in natural history and took place 543-490 million years ago. Prior to that, life consisted of single-celled organisms and a few multi-celled organisms, but during it the whole extraordinary variety of life emerged suddenly, in fully formed and perfect states.  All of these life forms have extraordinarily complex features, totally unlike those that went before them and of the kind belonging to living things today. This means that the Cambrian Period deals another deadly blow to the theory of evolution.

The fossils of Cambrian Period life forms provide specimens of 55 different phyla, including those in existence today. (Phylum: the largest category after the “world” in the classification of living things according to their basic physical characteristics.) To put it another way, present-day living things and even more were around with all their perfect basic physical structures 540 million years ago. (The current number of phyla is 35.) Cambrian life forms are identical to present-day living things that exhibit a flawless complexity. This repudiates Darwin’s fictitious evolutionary tree and overturns the false development set out for this mythical process. According to Darwin’s theory of evolution, following the formation of the first cell by chance, single-celled organisms must have ruled the world. After that, the active life that began with simple structured multi-celled organisms must continue in the form of a single, water dwelling phylum. The number of phyla should increase gradually, and the number of species should grow in proportion. But the reality revealed by the Cambrian findings is very different. Things happened in the exact reverse to Darwin’s imaginary evolutionary tree, with a greater diversity than that in existence today appearing right from the beginning of natural history, immediately after single-celled organisms. (For details see The Cambrian Evidence That Darwin Failed to Comprehend, Harun Yahya)

It will certainly be devastating for someone utterly devoted to Darwinist ideology to discover this.  As one of the most loyal followers of this heretical religion Charles Doolittle Walcott, a paleontologist and also director of the Smithsonian Institute, one of the best-known museums in the United States, was appalled by the diversity in the Cambrian fossils he began discovering in 1909. During his research, which he continued until 1917, he collected a total of 65,000 fossils. These all belonged to complex Cambrian life forms. 

Bearing in mind Darwinist frauds, it comes as no surprise that these fossils, which heralded the destruction of Darwinism, were immediately hidden away by the same Darwinist who found them. Walcott decided to conceal these fossils, which so terrified him as they threatened to demolish the superstitious faith of which he was a member and so contradicted his own beliefs.  He locked the photographs he had taken and other documentation away in drawers in the Smithsonian Museum. These special and important fossils would only see the light of day 70 years later.

The Israeli scientist Gerald Schroeder comments:

Had Walcott wanted, he could have hired a phalanx of graduate students to work on the fossils. But he chose not to rock the boat of evolution. Today fossil representatives of the Cambrian era have been found in China, Africa, the British Isles, Sweden, Greenland. The explosion [in the Cambrian Period] was worldwide. But before it became proper to discuss the extraordinary nature of the explosion, the data were simply not reported.1

The Cambrian fossils found by Walcott in Burgess Shale were re-examined decades after his death. A team of experts known as the “Cambridge Group” made up of Harry Blackmore Whittington, Derek Briggs and Simon Conway Morris conducted a detailed analysis of the fossils in the 1980s. And they concluded that the fauna was much more diverse and extraordinary than Walcott had determined. They announced their opinion that some of the fossils could not be classified under the categories of life known today, for which reason they represented different phyla from those currently in existence. Life forms emerged suddenly, in perfect and complex states, in the Cambrian Period 490-543 million years ago.

The conclusion was so unexpected for Darwinists that scientists referred to this sudden activity as an “explosion.” The “Cambrian Explosion” was one of the most incomparable and inexplicable phenomena in the history of science for evolutionist scientists.  As a result of these findings confronting theoreticians of evolution, who were already at a dead-end in all areas, they should have put an end to the tales they developed for propaganda purposes and returned to the “problem of the beginning of life.” (Of course, this was a problem for Darwinists, who had no rational and scientific explanation for the origin of life. Anyone acting logically and scientifically can clearly see that life and the universe are the work of Almighty Allah.) Darwin’s imaginary tree of life had been turned upside down, and the position was now in total conflict with the fundamental logic of the theory of evolution. 

Darwinists are still silent on the subject on the Cambrian Explosion that exhibits higher life forms and Allah’s magnificent Creation.  Darwinists have gone very quiet in the face of these extraordinary findings and behave literally as if they did not exist. They publish countless deceptive scenarios they have dreamed up about the history of life in scientific journals, but try to avoid reminding people of this huge phenomenon of 540 million years ago and how it totally refutes the theory of evolution. Charles Doolittle Walcott, who did this quite blatantly, is the greatest proof and instance of the dimensions that the deception of Darwinism can assume. 

If Darwinism were really a science, if the proponents of Darwinism really were scientists, then findings of such enormous scientific value, such a huge discovery, would be highlighted and discussed as a matter of urgency on scientific websites and in books and articles. The fact that the opposite applies, the reason for this eagerness to hide concrete scientific findings away, stems from Darwinism not being a science but rather a false religion that has emerged as a stratagem on the part of the antichrist. Built on a lie, this theory tries to survive through falsehoods. The concealment of the Cambrian fossils is just one of the scientific deceptions perpetrated in the name of Darwinism.

1 Gerald Schroeder, “Evolution: Rationality vs. Randomness,” 2009-07-19 13:33:57

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