Darwinists are in mourning in France

As may be recalled, the year 2007 has been a turning point for France which is insistently protected by the Darwinist dictatorship. This situation had been due to a bombardment – as Darwinists say – that took place in France. The Atlas of Creation made the impact of a bomb in a flash in the French educational institutions. The French Darwinists were shocked by this magnificent work that exposes hundreds of fossils which demolished Darwinism from its base. France, that was made the stronghold of Darwinism for years by the most senior Darwinists and that was systematically deluded by the Darwinist dictatorship, all of a sudden was made to face the scientific truth by means of the Atlas of Creation.

This, certainly, was followed by a great panic on the side of the Darwinists. The Darwinists in the French schools tried to prevent the students from reading the Atlas of Creation. Some Darwinists institutions even argued the necessity to “burn” the Atlas to make its impact go away. Others tried to ban it by way of laws. The European Council acted at once. The Atlas of Creation was being held by one member of the Council. The Luxembourgen politician Anne Brasseur argued that the Atlas of Creation created a great threat for the European schools and that it should be banned. The reason for her arguments was solely that the book had revealed that the theory of evolution was fraud.


At that time we had stated repeatedly that the said ban would bring no good, that the people had discovered the scientific truths and that it was no more a solution for Darwinists to hide these. We had told them that even kept in a dark room, people who would see a glimse of sunshine outside for an instant, would no longer believe that it is dark outdoors. Furthermore, as much as Atlas of Creation is banned in schools, anybody, any student can have access to this impressive piece through the Internet, CAN HAVE A CLOSE LOOK AT EACH OF ITS PAGES, can DOWNLOAD it, can DISTRIBUTE it to the people around him if he wishes so. Therefore, we had told the Darwinists that trying to ban and hide the scientific facts from people is a futile effort and that they can not prevent people from becoming conscious about these facts.

As a matter of fact all these CAME TRUE.

According to a news dated July 6, 2009 that appeared on the joint website of French Nouvel Obs.com and Science et Avenir, IT IS ESTABLISHED THAT THERE IS A GREAT DEAL OF DECREASE IN THE NUMBER OF STUDENTS WHO BELIEVE IN THE THEORY OF EVOLUTION in French schools. This situation that surprised and, according to the mentioned news, “considerably disturbed” the French Darwinists is a sign of a great awakening in France, the stronghold of Darwinism. In the aforesaid news the comments of various university professors on the subject were asked and they all replied that they have the same results in their own universities. The Darwinist professors described this serious injury of Darwinism to be “critical”, “distressing” and “disgraceful” on behalf of Darwinism. Plainly France and the Darwinist professors in France have regretfully realised that the students will not be deceived by the theory of evolution anymore.

The aforementioned news spoke of the impact of the work of Mr. Adnan Oktar upon this great turn in France. Undoubtedly it is no surprise that such a great change arose after Atlas of Creation entered the houses and schools. A truth that was kept from the people for 150 years was revealed for the first time by means of  the  Atlas of Creation. For the first time in their lives people saw actual fossils in the name of science and witnessed that all of these fossils refuted the theory of evolution and proved Creation. For the first time in their lives they were shown that Darwinism was not supported by a single evidence, that Darwinists deceived the whole world, that they hid the scientific evidence supporting Creation, but that in fact the entire 250 million fossils proved the fact of Creation. For the first time in their lives people made judgments based on their own consciences, by taking into account scientific evidence and without being defrauded. And their judgment is clear: THE FRENCH STUDENTS REFUTE THE THEORY OF EVOLUTION HENCEFORTH.

As much as protected by the Darwinist dictatorship which is under the control of global freemasonry, a thought system that is based on falsehood, lie, fraud and deceit will surely be destroyed and removed. Our Lord has promised this by this verse from the Qur’an: “Say: ‘Truth has come and falsehood has vanished.” (Surat al-Isra:81). The entire world is now accepting the truth that our Lord created everything with His Almighty Power and rapidly turning towards the Almighty and the Most High Allah. Whatever the Darwinists do, they are unable to prevent this turn.

When Allah’s help and victory have arrived and you have seen people entering Allah’s religion in droves, then glorify your Lord’s praise and ask His forgiveness. He is the Ever-Returning. (Surat an-Nasr: 1-3)

2009-07-23 04:42:06

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