The only water that can douse the fire in the world is the Turkish-Islamic Union

We are living at a time when reports of conflict, slaughter and aggression from different parts of the world come in just about every day; when the blood of the innocent is being shed; when women, children and the elderly are being oppressed, when thousands of people are being ejected from their homes and forced to become refugees; when acts of terror inflict dreadful fear on people; when many people are living on the edge of hunger and, in short, when disorder and corruption have spread all over the world. These are all things which our Prophet (saas) foretold 1400 years ago. In telling Muslims of these events they would encounter, the Prophet (saas) also told them what to do in the period when they confronted them and the precautions they should take. The most urgent responsibility facing Muslims in the great corruption of the End Times is for them to be united.

Muslims must see the true cause behind this corruption and oppression and wage an intellectual struggle to eliminate that cause, mobilizing all the means at their disposal, and they must be united and unified in so doing. It is Darwinism and materialism, that are today drowning the world in blood, causing people to ruthlessly slaughter one another, that encourage terror and anarchy, that supposedly legitimize murder and killing and that regard conflict as indispensible for progress. The indoctrination by Darwinist, materialist ideologies has lit a huge conflagration of corruption. Those flames can only be doused by the foundation of the Turkish-Islamic Union. In the same way that when a major blaze breaks out somewhere one has to pour water over the flames instead of talking or rushing about, so it is essential that the Turkish-Islamic Union be founded against the flames of Darwinism and materialism that are scorching the modern world. The Turkish-Islamic Union is the water for the flames that are swamping the world in rivers of blood. It is obvious that the flames cannot be extinguished by shouting at them.  It is dishonest not to use the water when water is available and to constantly condemn oppression, injustice and bloodshed without saying a word about the Turkish-Islamic Union. 

The Turkish-Islamic Union must be set up;

•    For the salvation of our Muslim brothers in Palestine who have lived for the last 60 or so years in refugee camps, who have to wait for hours at checkpoints to go to hospital, work or school, who risk being shot in their school playgrounds, whose homes are bulldozered, whose olive trees are burned and who have to live under the permanent shadow of guns; 

•    For the salvation of our Muslim Turkish brothers who live under unbelievable repression and persecution in East Turkestan, who are not allowed to perform their religious observances, who are executed for no legitimate reason in a flagrant violation of international law, whose children are taken from them by force and whose whereabouts they never learn; 

•    For the bloodshed in Iraq to stop, for the Iraqi people to attain peace and security and for Iraq to become a stable and strong country;

•    For the troubles facing Muslims in Afghanistan to be resolved and for them to attain a decent standard of living and well-being;

•    For the tension and disorder in Pakistan to come to an end;

•    For our Muslim brothers subjected to persecution in numerous countries because of their opinions and belief to be freed from that oppression;

•    For the whole Muslim world in Moro, Kosovo, Chechnya, Montenegro, Chad, Sudan, Algeria, Tunisia, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan to become wealthier, stronger and more prosperous;

•    For terror to come to an end and for people of all faiths and views to be able to live together in peace and brotherhood;

•    For arms races, conflict and fighting to come to an end, for poverty and want to come to an end, for justice to reign supreme, for everyone to be respected and for nobody to have to live in fear and tension, for everyone to be able to worship freely, no matter what their faith, race or language, for people to treat one another with love and for them to be able to express their ideas openly;

•    And for the Turkish-Islamic world to build the most magnificent, high-quality, modern and beautiful civilization of the 21st century and to achieve a position from which it can illuminate the whole world.
2009-08-06 14:49:59

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