Darwinists' great shame over their claims of chance

Darwinists taking part in the program Sansursuz, broadcast on the Haberturk channel on 14 August, 2009, resorted to the most familiar Darwinist tactic of recent times and attempted to retract their claims of chance.  

Having claimed, ever since the time of Darwin, that chance was the only force responsible for all of life, Darwinists have recently performed an abrupt U-turn and changed their position, saying that they never meant to refer to chance at all. The reason for this is that the entire world has now realized the illogicality of chance and that Darwinists have just been embarrassing themselves because of it.

They therefore began producing new terms, hiding behind such concepts as “let us say random rather than chance.” In the light of these claims, THEY IMAGINE THEY CAN SAVE THE THEORY OF EVOLUTION, an unconscious process based on the unconscious activity of totally unconscious atoms, THROUGH FALSE NAMES AND NOVEL TERMS THAT IN FACT MEAN EXACTLY THE SAME THING.

Darwinists’ tactic of reinventing the subject of “chance” is the same as reinventing the subject of the “ape forebear.” Darwinism is a heretical belief that denies creation, the Creator (surely Allah is beyond that) and therefore the conscious, the intelligence and the design in living things, and that thus ascribes everything to blind chance and random, haphazard and uncontrolled phenomena.  Despite Darwinism having no other definition, despite all Darwinists’ accounts being based on chance and despite their explicit discussions of chance in all their publications, they still now say, “we did not really refer to chance at all.”  This is just chance by another name.

In the same way that Darwinists have tried to change the name of the “ape ancestor,” they are now trying to change the name of chance. They knew the humiliating position they put themselves in when they said “we are descended from apes,” and also know how it belittles them to say that things “happened by chance.”  They are therefore trying to change the name of this nonsense and are claiming “we never referred to chance.” When asked “so did a conscious entity do it all?” they still say, “No.” And when one asks them “Were all events under the control of a consciousness, a mind?” they again say, “No.”

THIS IS A DECEPTION. A thing either exists, or it does not. There is either a plate on the table, or there is not. There is no third possibility. Darwinists must therefore put an end to all their demagoguery. All humanity is watching, in a state of utter astonishment, the way they degrade themselves by turning up such an infantile dead-end.
2009-09-07 02:35:52

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