The pitiful Darwinists who imagine the newly discovered fossil Anchiornis Huxleyi to be a transitional fossil

A fossil discovered in China the other day was quickly taken up as a “four-winged bird” in the Darwinist media. Darwinists right away claimed that this fossil might be “the ancestor of birds.” As ever, they immediately gave the animal a name. They baptized it Anchiornis huxleyi, in memory of Thomas Huxley, an atheist, Darwinist and 32nd degree freemason known as Darwin’s bulldog.  

The fossil belonged to a bird, with wings and also feathers on its hind legs. The fossil, which Darwinists were unable to account for, also conflicted with the claims of the theory of evolution. As we know, despite being a perfect bird Archaeopteryx is regarded as a transitional form by Darwinists making childish claims.  (You can read about the scientific evidence showing that Archaeopteryx is a perfect bird here and here.) This new fossil, found in strata dating back 151-161 million years, was older than Archaeopteryx. But from the Darwinist perspective it exhibited no imaginary transitional form characteristics that it needed to go to Archaeopteryx. With its “four wings,” as Darwinists described it, this life form represent a huge puzzle in terms of Darwinist theory. As they strive to account for the supposed evolution of two wings, Darwinists now have to account for third and fourth wings not observed in dinosaurs, nor flying squirrels nor birds. This of course deals a profound and severe blow to the Darwinist claim of evolution from bipedal dinosaurs. For that reason Darwinists began talking about a transitional form “whose rear wing-like structures gradually became vestigial.” Not even able to account for the two wings possessed by birds, they now began defending the idea “two pairs of wings that formed in some way and then became vestigial for some reason.”But that account is nothing less than an expression of despair.   

Anchiornis Huxleyi Is Not a Transitional Fossil But a Species of Bird Like Those Living Today

Despite all the Darwinist speculation, it appears from even a brief examination of the Anchiornis Huxleyi fossil that it represents a species of bird similar to those living today. The fossil in question exhibits fully avian features in terms of skull and general anatomy. In terms of its wings and feathers, it appears to resemble the today’s species of birds with muffed feet. In addition to wings, these animals have feathers strongly reminiscent of wings on their back legs. The feathers in question do not function as wings, but are important in giving the animal an impressive appearance.  

This approximately 160-million-year-old life form possesses the same features as present-day birds with muffed feet. It represents an extinct member of the species that comprise this family. This is so obvious that any scientist looking at pictures of it will easily see this clear resemblance.  

As we have already seen, in order to be able to suggest that this fossil resembles a transitional form, Darwinists maintain that the rear feathers that pose such a dilemma for their theory gradually became “vestigial.” What this means, according to the theory of evolution is: “A dinosaur gradually decided to fly, following which it developed a pair of wings. It then thought another pair of wings would come in handy and grew those, too. But as it grew this second pair it then thought they were actually unnecessary. It finally decided these wings should become vestigial and disappear and continued its imaginary evolutionary process with just one pair of wings.” That, in summary, is the fairy tale that Darwinists are telling, dressed up in scientific terminology, in world-renowned journals. The points in this extraordinarily illogical scenario, which not even a child would be taken in by, that represent insoluble dilemmas for Darwinists are as follows:  

-       There is no such thing as a transition from dinosaurs to birds. Such a passage is physiologically impossible and, naturally, THERE EXISTS NOT A SINGLE TRANSITIONAL FOSSIL that might confirm this impossible scenario.

-       Birds did not emerge from some other life form gliding through the air. Birds have always existed as birds, and appeared suddenly with their magnificent appearances. As with all other life forms, THERE EXISTS NOT A SINGLE TRANSITIONAL FOSSIL to show that birds evolved.

-       Bird feathers and wings are some of the most complex structure investigated by biology today. It is totally ridiculous to claim that an unconscious life form decided these would be necessary, grew them and later gave up and allowed them to become vestigial. The proponents of Darwinism ARE IN AN IMPOSSIBLE POSITION IN THE FACE OF A SINGLE BIRD FEATHER.  

-       Four wings represent a considerable advantage for a living thing. Four-winged life forms can maneuver relatively much better than two-winged ones. For example, thanks to their four wings dragonflies and honeybees are able to maneuver very much easier. Four wings should therefore be an advantage for a life form. As we have seen, this illogical claim is even incompatible with evolution’s own claims.

-       The animal HAS NOT A SINGLE STRUCTURE DEVELOPING FROM A MORE PRIMITIVE FORM that would allow it to be regarded as a transitional form. All of its structures are fully functional and sublimely complex.

-       All the fossils put forward by Darwinists in order to supposedly confirm their scenarios of a passage from land to air, and that they still frequently attempt to bring up today, BELONG TO FULLY FORMED AND PREFECT LIFE FORMS. Since Archaeopteryx and Microraptor gui, another bird species with muffed feet, are nothing more than perfect bird species that existed millions of years ago, they cause grave concern to Darwinists, who have sought a way of escape from all the evidence of Creation by depicting them as transitional forms.


Darwinists are following the same course with the newly discovered fossil.  

In the same way that every fossil discovered BELONGS TO A PERFECT LIFE FORM, so Anchiornis Huxleyi IS A PERFECT BIRD SPECIES that represents the highly decorative species of birds with muffed feet alive today and that has in all probability become extinct.  And as a representative of birds with muffed feet that dates back 160 million years it constitutes significant evidence for Creation. A second important point here is that none of its organs exhibit any transitional form features.

Darwinists are engaging in the same offensive techniques with this new fossil that once again reveal their own helplessness. THEY ARE TRYING TO GATHER SUPPORT USING FALSE TECHNIQUES, by writing articles, holding conferences and disseminating the false idea this is a transitional form from the mouths of the most renowned Darwinist professors in the world’s best known journals.  They have been doing the same thing for the last 150 years. They always try to deceive people with the same soiled propaganda and to impose the worst deception of the century on them using the same cunning stratagems. But the media are no longer suited to such things.  



The Atlas of Creation HAS DECLARED TO THE WORLD THE FACT THAT THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS EVOLUTION, a fact which Darwinists have tried to cover up for the last 150 years.

That is why nobody any longer listens or gives credence to these methods of deception that have persisted for the last 150 years.  

And Darwinists are well aware of this. And that is the reason for their feelings of despair, misery and defeat. 

2009-10-03 18:06:07

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