Dawkins is no more Darwinist! He converted to space religion!

Unable to deny the existence of 250 million fossils proving the existence of Creation, to explain even how a single protein came into existence or how life initially began, to give an example about a beneficial mutation, and seeing the glory of the fact of Creation, Richard Dawkins established a space cult for himself in an effort to cope with the profound dilemma he faced!

Richard Dawkins was urged to admit the irrationality of his claims of “chance” and realized that Darwinism is in a great dilemma. Unable to resolve these issues and find a way out, he had to admit that all beings were created. However, because he found it difficult to withdraw all his claims all of a sudden, he considers aliens as deities. (Surely Allah is beyond that) Surely even this is enough to see that Dawkins had to abandon his claims of "chance" and is no longer a Darwinist. Now it remains for Dawkins to answer the following question: Who created the aliens?

Dawkins will probably give the right answer also to this question, because after admitting that beings are created and seeing the falsity of Darwinism, it is impossible for a person to deny that all the glorious Creation in the universe belongs to Allah. Indeed, in one of his interviews Dawkins confesses that life was created somewhere in the space by a SUPERIOR INTELLIGENCE. [1]


The appearance of a scientist with an incognizable claim suggesting that a wonder of Creation with an extraordinary complexity such as chromosome is made by "aliens" is surely pathetic for the Darwinist world of science. However, rather than advocating "chances", which is a far more irrational claim, suggesting that living beings were created by a superior intelligence is also a sign of Darwinism's end. Indeed, still being in defence of Darwinism despite the evidences of Creation is impossible for a person of sound mind.

Indeed, Dawkins' avoidance from a debate with Adnan Oktar is an obvious manifestation of his indecision. As it is known, Mr. Adnan Oktar gave an announcement to The Times, one of the most circulated newspapers in Britain, and invited Dawkins to a face-to-face debate. Dawkins once again remained silent to this proposal which has been repeated continously for the last two years. This is nothing but another confirmation of Adnan Oktar's rightfulness in his arguments. The Creator of all beings is All-Mighty Allah. Each superstitious explanation brought against Allah's All-Mighty existence is doomed to disappear, rot and fall into disgrace. 
The announcement calling Dawkins to debate, given by Adnan Oktar to the Times newspaper on 13.10.2009

From Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview dated 30 October 2009:

ADNAN OKTAR: We invite Darwinists to science. They evade science, they do not use science, they have turned their backs to science. We, on the other hand, encourage them to use science. For instance they evade paleonthology, which is a science that lays Darwinism to waste. There are 250 million fossils that prove Creation. If a person feigns ignorance about these fossils and avoids to examine them, and simply says, "I do not want to see them", this means he evades science. What does science dictate? It dictates, "A protein can not come into existence by chance." If one avoids to examine the molecule structure of proteins, and is unwilling to examine the probability of its coming into existence by chance, this simply means avoidance from science. People examine the structure of chromosomes under the electron microscope. We see its structure. Avoiding to examine them and attributing the formation of chromosomes to aliens, saying, "Aliens hurled chromosomes to the Earth through the athmosphere", then this is one of the worst examples of nonsense and it is avoidance from science. We invite them to science, that is, to the truth and righteousness. That is to say, a man like Dawkins, the foremost protector of Darwinism in the world... We gave an announcement to one of the most circulated newspapers of Britain, the Times, to invite him to debate. He insistently avoids. If he is a scientist, then he should come so that we can debate. He goes and debates with secondary-school students, with evangelical clergy and rabbis. But he should come and discuss this matter with those who have information about it. We won't take too much of his time; only half an hour. We will host him in the best manner in Turkey. We show utmost respect and kindness but he intensively avoids because here he will face scientific facts, fossils. He will face the facts revealed by paleonthology and other disciplines. Look do you know what Dawkins, in whom everyone trusts, says? He "Aliens sent chromosomes from the space to the Earth." Is this science? This is dishonor. He used to advocate pagan religion and now he has started to advocate the pagan religion. That is, this is sheer fallacy.

ADNAN OKTAR: One can not attain anywhere with impossibility. That is, this is something impossible because it is a theory whose invalidity has been certified by 250 million fossils. Creation has been clearly established by the examination of the structure of proteins and chromosomes and even a man like Dawkins started to say that this is done by aliens. He says that human beings were created by aliens. In other words, Dawkins says that there is some sort of Creation. There is a Creator but they are aliens, he says. When you ask who created aliens, he remains speechless.

These are words uttered out of desparation. That is, they have nothing to do in the face of faith. They are in panic.

ADNAN OKTAR: This shows that they essentially have faith. But out of pride, egocentricity and arrogance they find it more appropriate to submit themselves to aliens, since they do not want to submit themselves to Allah. With the mindset they have, they consider it better to see aliens like Allah (Allah is beyond this.)

1 Ben Stein, Expelled “No Intelligence Allowed”, Documentary , 2008
2009-11-09 03:35:55

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